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Hey everyone! smile [I'll bold my main questions]

So, I know you can customize your acoustic pianos, and I know there are 2 different sound engines as well for acoustic pianos, but my biggest question is: Which has the better acoustic piano presets right out of box, without you touching a single setting?

Also, are the PHA-50 keys the EXACT same to the T on both the Roland RD-2000 and the Fantom 8? I know the Fantom has aftertouch, does the aftertouch technology change the feel in any way? or is it the exact same feel still on both keyboards?

Sweetwater says the keys on the RD-2000 are: PHA-50 keybed (weighted Progressive Hammer Action) and for the Fantom 8 Sweetwater says: PHA-50 keyboard with Escapement ...but they both have escapement.. and are both Progressive Hammer Action right? So, that's confusing to me. Why title them differently?

I'm REALLY trying to decide between the two keyboards.. but I only care about presets, editing presets and creating my own presets, layering presets, the PHA 50 key feel being the exact same on both keyboards, so regardless what keyboard I choose to buy I don't have to worry about unpleasant key feel surprises after I take my new keyboard out of the box, and making music using those presets/custom presets. I don't care about the gimmicks of the Fantom 8 either. I'm not trying to replace my DAW, and I'm also a professional drummer.. so it would feel cringey and blasphemous for me to want use virtual drum loops of any sort, when I can play it myself, and 20x better on my electronic drums. lol Maybe I'll care about the sampler of the Fantom 8 though? Sounds interesting.. but idk, I'm uncertain still, though I know I do want to make my own instrument samples one day for fun and for me to create with.. but I can do that on my computer. lol The Fantom 8's touch screen looks nice though, but I'm fine with the RD 2000's screen, it does the job just fine. Though, I do like the Fantom 8's ability to alter to music in the red circle on screen with my finger. Is that all just do-able with the knobs on the RD-2000 though? Or is that ONLY possible on the Fantom 8's red circle screen? I think that pretty cool though, but again, idc about gimmicks, unless the gimmick can help me actually make real music. I also will not be giging with this most likely, it will be just for home studio use.

SO, my BIGGEST concern is.. quality. I need top quality in all of the sounds, especially in acoustic piano sounds above all. I thought it would sound the exact same since they are apparently sharing all of the same preset sounds.. but I saw this youtube video.. and it sounded like the Fantom 8 acoustic pianos sounded... more real? and not EQ'ed. Yet the Roland RD-2000 sounded more already EQ'ed and warmer? As if it could be tossed into a mix, with little to no extra EQ needed.. yet.. the Roland RD-2000's acoustic pianos from the 50 or so Youtube videos I watched on it sounds reallyyyy close to a real acoustic piano, yet kind of digital? Yet still good? but still.. digital? YET.. the SAME presets on the Fantom 8 (in the video I'm going to link) sound well.. real. Not digital.. just real. Even though they are the same presets, and the same digital Roland engines. I'm SO confused...

They aren't MANY comparison videos.. so I can't really compare MUCH.. but that one video is my main reference. From the maybe 5 videos on Youtube I saw of the Fantom 8, the acoustic pianos are just.. real sounding, and the 50 videos that I've watched of the Roland RD-2000 sound really nice, but digital.. I want real. Maybe it's just me? I compared on both my computer speakers, and tv speakers. Same results. Then again, I'm new to pianos and keyboards, so I COULD be wrong?

IF the RD-2000 does sound digital, can it be edited to sound real like the Fantom 8? Has anyone achieved that yet? If so, what exact parameters and settings did you alter?

Here's the comparison video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJKR8E7pl_Y&t=4s

Last question (for now lol): Are all 1,100 presets of the Roland RD-2000 in the over 3500 presets of the Fantom 8? or are some left out?

I reallyyyy love the Roland RD-2000.. but.. I need things to sound as real as possible.. Unless I can achieve that with the RD-2000? I don't know... So I figured here is the best place to ask. smile

Thanks in advance everyone! I REALLY appreciate it! grin (Be nice in the comments, I'm new to keyboards and pianos still.)
Here is a second comparison video. There's really not many on Youtube.. and most are pretty short unfortunately.

Here are all of the Roland RD-2000 preset sounds. The acoustic pianos are immediately at the beginning. They go on for a few minutes. It's worth a listen to compare. Idk how the person is recording this? It semi sounds like with a microphone? It could be direct though:


The modeled acoustic piano sounds start immediately. The SuperNATURAL acoustic piano sounds start at 11:31

Do they sound slightly digital, 100% digital, or 100% real to all of you? How does the Fantom 8 sound in comparison?
PIano sounds are so subjective, I think it's more important to determine whether they sound real to you than whether they sound real to me. ;-) But one thing I'll say about modeled pianos in general, which also applies to the V... Over the years, there has been little consensus about whether they sound best, but a lot of consensus that they *play* very well (i.e. in the way the sound responds to your touch).
MRX, honestly, I have no patience to read your (too long IMO) posts. So I will answer based on the title and on some fragments I read.

The answer to your question is more or less like the one for the question "which one tastes better, apple or orange"? You may ask for people's opinion on this or that, but what will taste/sound better simply cannot be honestly answered.

RD2000 has two piano engines, SuperNatural and V-Piano. There are some that love either/both, some meh!, and some that simply hate them. To make things even more difficult, Roland uses the same or similar names to different implementations that do not sound alike.

Some demos of RD-2000 pianos souns amazing (I like them) but for a specific person (me, you, sbdy else) it may require some tweaks or more than that to sound good. And still, for some it may not suffice, it will never sound good because of modeling. The same happens with Pianoteq; I like it as do others, some hate it. I do expect making my RD to sound as good as Pteq when I take the time to work on it. I have no expectations of either RD or Pteq to sounding exactly like an AP. You may have such expectations so you may not be satisfied no matter how much you tweak.

Sorry if you have already answered this question (my memory is shorter than gold fish's these days) but do you have the possibility trying these where you live? You are the only judge that accounts for giving a verdict on this.

TL;DR: you are the only person who really can answer this question of yours.
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