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I'm big into using the faders to crescendo the sounds of different layers of instruments into the song using one hand, while playing with other. Usually my right hand will play the notes, and each finger on my left hand will control a fader to control each instruments separate volume.

I figured faders on the left hand side of the keyboard like on the Roland Fantom 8 where all I have to do is reach out straight forward with my left hand to control would be best, because it gives me the most keyboard area to run around the keyboard with my right hand and play whatever with out having to switch, but the Fantom 8 is four thousands dollars. lol I can save up though.

The Roland RD-2000 has its faders more near the left middle near the screen than the full on left hand side like the Roland Fantom 8, which will mean I'll have to have my left hand aimed more to the right instead of straight forwards like on the Fantom, and if I want to play on the lowest registers on the left, I'll have to switch hands, and play with my left hand and control the faders with my right hand. The Roland RD-2000 is $2,600, which is a great price imo. Then again, I can save up for the Fantom 8 too... so, please mostly ignore the factor of money when giving me your advice/opinion.

or does the fader position not really matter when it comes to crescendoing and controlling individual volumes of layers with one hand while playing the keyboard with the other hand?

I would LOVE to hear feedback from Roland RD 2000 and Roland Fantom 8 owners primarily, but everyone else please feel free to chime in too! As I'm sure MANY people here have used faders on other brands of keyboards for the same exact purposes as I want to. grin

Thanks in advance everyone! You're all awesome, and always so very helpful! I REALLY appreciate it! smile
Could you use an external MIDI control surface? That way you could have the faders wherever you want them.

I think controllers slightly left of middle is good for controls you want to access while playing. Extreme left is good too. I'd probably be inclined to swap hands if the faders are handy for both.
There's no empty spot on an RD2000 or Fantom 8 where you could put an external MIDI control surface that would be any better suited than the current fader locations... plus the standard faders come with LED indicators that show the current values of their parameters.

But back to the OP, depending on how many faders you need, the difference may not always be very much, because much of the difference isn't about the location of the faders overall, but how widely spaced they are among themselves. The uppermost fader on the two boards is only off by a few notes... it's at A below middle C on the RD2000 and a fourth lower at E below middle C on the Fantom. The bigger difference comes from the spacing, which despite a not-extremely-different right end location, puts the leftmost fader at only an octave below the rightmost on the RD (A below the A below middle C), but about an octave and a half below the rightmost on the Fantom (near the 2nd C from the bottom). So it is the left extreme that is really different.

But honestly, I think it's all workable, and doubt many would find the different fader arrangements significant enough to choose one of these boards over the other. There are so many much more substantial differences. And crossing hands is not so terrible (it is a playing technique, after all!), and if you're playing some left hand pads and such, you're just as likely to sometimes want to use your right hand to adjust some sound levels anyway.
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