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Posted By: iceryan ES110 MIDI: Sends note off value 0-127? - 09/12/20 12:26 PM
Hi, friends, thanks for the valuable record here. Has been helpful numerous times. Regarding using Kawai ES110 as MIDI controller (ex w Pianoteq)... Does the keyboard send note off velocity across variables 0-127? Or just a fixed value (like only 64?)

Additionally with the furniture stand and pedal unit, is the pedal sending continuous values?

Im consodering es110 vs fp30 for midi control... I of course have my personal opinions on sound and touch of each keyboard, but am interested in this info. Midi implementation docs imply a fixed value, but perhaps firmware updated or actual user can offer their input... Thanks! And hellos from Iceland 🇮🇸
Posted By: vagfilm Re: ES110 MIDI: Sends note off value 0-127? - 09/12/20 02:28 PM
Actually, page 59 of the es110 manual states that key-off is implemmented. But it is better if an owner can confirm this...
Posted By: iceryan Re: ES110 MIDI: Sends note off value 0-127? - 09/12/20 04:54 PM
Implemented, yes - but is it a static value or from range of 0-127? smile
ALL keyboards send Note Off (or else every note you play would play forever, or to the length of its maximum decay). The ability to send Note Off VELOCITY in a MIDI implementation chart refers to the ability to send different values depending on the velocity with which the key is released. If a keyboard can't do that, then the Note Off commands are all being sent with the same fixed velocity byte, and it would be considered not to have the feature (would show up with an x instead of an o in the implementation chart).
Posted By: roja Re: ES110 MIDI: Sends note off value 0-127? - 09/12/20 05:32 PM
Just tested, my ES110 sends NoteOn with velocity of 0 when releasing the key. Does not send NoteOff. At least that’s what PocketMidi shows.
Kawai ES-100 (not ES-110) always sends a NoteOff with a velocity of 0.

The sustain pedal is continuous and sends varying MIDI values. The other pedals are just switches.

Was there something about note off velocity requiring a triple sensor action?
Oh yes, roja, that's true, Note ON with a velocity of zero is also interpreted by MIDI as Note OFF, good point. So I withdraw my previous post. There could be more variables here.

Clo, note off velocity does not require a third sensor. Though I suppose there may be a way to make use of that sensor if it's there.
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