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Posted By: Piano World Yamaha PF10 Repair Access?? - 08/13/20 02:18 PM
Good Morning All,

Yesterday I picked up this Yamaha PF10.
I bought it to donate to our local library where they loan out instruments primarily to
kids who show an interest but may not be able to afford one right now.

Everything looked fine when I picked it up, the seller even showed me a video on his phone demonstrating
that everything worked.

When I went to take it out of the truck last night I noticed the C# was down.
It is just in there loosely now.

I'd like to find out how to open it up to see if it's something I can fix (I'm pretty handy, and as a piano tuner-tech I'm good with acoustic pianos, digital not so much).

Anyone happen to know how to get inside this thing?

I can see hinges on the bottom/back, but there are tons of screws underneath and I don't want to start
randomly removing them.

Thanks for any help.

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[Linked Image]

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[Linked Image]
Posted By: newer player Re: Yamaha PF10 Repair Access?? - 08/13/20 02:40 PM
There are service manuals in PDF form on the internet. You might run them through your virus checker and upload to virustotal.com to reduce risk.

For example, this shows basics on disassembly and key removal. The electronics diagrams and detail are wonderful.

Posted By: Piano World Re: Yamaha PF10 Repair Access?? - 08/13/20 02:44 PM
Perfect, thank you newer player
Posted By: newer player Re: Yamaha PF10 Repair Access?? - 08/13/20 02:55 PM
Thank you Frank - keep up the great work.
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