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Posted By: Jonesy038 Kawai ES110 pedal options - 08/07/20 10:38 AM

I know that Kawai makes a triple pedal unit for the ES110 but you have to get the Kawai wooden stand to make it useable.

Is it possible to use other "universal" triple pedal units made by other manufacturers on the ES110 so that you can use them on stage for example without having to have the ES110 wooden cabinet? If so, any suggestions for good potential purchases?

Many thanks.
Posted By: clothearednincompo Re: Kawai ES110 pedal options - 08/07/20 02:15 PM
Triple pedals tend not to be "universal". It also depends on the piano. Some stage pianos have separate sockets for separate plugs from each pedal. The ES-110 has a Kawai specific connector/wiring that was used at least in the ES-100 and ES-6 as well. Their triple pedals for stage pianos use (a) different connector(s). I don't know if they are otherwise compatible i.e. would they work if you changed the wiring.

Here's one DIY option:

[Linked Image]

Though that's an abused ES-6 pedal lyre which isn't available anywhere anymore. But you can of course shorten the ES-110 pedal bar and attach it to a plank of wood/plastic. Somebody did that with a Roland FP-30 triple pedal.
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