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Posted By: Lillith Electric Piano sounds on Roland FP30 - 07/07/20 03:41 PM
Does anyone know which instruments the three Electric Piano sounds on the Roland FP30 are supposed to sound like?
They are just given everywhere as 1,2 and 3

Suspecting that one of them must be a Rhodes, I listened to some Rhodes sounds on Youtube and can't pick that out, so am at a loss smile

Thank you.
Posted By: OscarRamsey Re: Electric Piano sounds on Roland FP30 - 07/07/20 09:00 PM
I think they are:

1 - A Rhodes type of sound.

2 - 80's synth type of sound.

3 - A Wurly type of sound.

I say 'type of sound' because I noticed that they sounded different when I bought another piano... and I don't dknow much about e-piano sounds.

Based on the demo at https://youtu.be/EodhIEuiV5Y yes, 2 is an 80s FM type (a la Yamaha DX7), 3 is a Wurli. 1 is the one that comes closest to a Rhodes, but it's a pretty bad Rhodes sound. It actually may be based on the Roland MKS-20 era SA EP sound, which used a modeled EP sound that people thought was a good Rhodes sound at the time. ;-) Compare to the sound at 6:268 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtNwJGcPjTo - it kinda reminds me of that. Not necessarily an unpleasant Rhodes-inspired sound, but pretty far from an authentic Rhodes.
Posted By: Lillith Re: Electric Piano sounds on Roland FP30 - 07/08/20 02:50 PM
Thank you for your replies - I'll make a note of that.
Must say they're not particularly convincing, but glad to know what they're supposed to be.

Number 3 is the only one I like - the bass notes in the others disappear smile
Posted By: sullivang Re: Electric Piano sounds on Roland FP30 - 07/08/20 06:41 PM
Yep - I've played the FP60, which has the same EPs I believe - wasn't very impressed. I was disappointed that they hadn't put the "Supernatural" EPs in there.

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