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Posted By: Dokledee My Electric Piano is making static noises - 02/28/20 08:05 PM
Hi everyone!

Im new to this forum, and this morning while taking a sip of tea (I have a separate table next to my piano, but now I won’t be using it) and my dog startled me, making me spill about a tablespoon of liquid onto my 10 year old Yamaha Electronic Piano P-140. The piano was on, and nothing popped; i also cleaned it up in less than 15 seconds- but when I turned it off and on again there is now a prevalent tinnitus-like static in the background that persists in both my headphones and without. I also noticed that it is loudest in the middle of the volume bar (it slides left and right) while being mostly unnoticeable when it is at its loudest and silent. I have taken action to dry it to the best of my abilities and have unplugged it.

How screwed am I? Ive had this baby with me since I was small and it would devastate me if a small mistake like that has ruined my prized possession. All advice (and criticism) is greatly appreciated!!
Posted By: Osho Re: My Electric Piano is making static noises - 02/28/20 11:42 PM
If you can, open it up and let it air out.. may recover and will be just fine afterwords.

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