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Posted By: djvu10 MP11se at $2149 each. - 01/17/20 03:27 AM
Hi everyone,

I was able to negotiate a great price for my MP11se a few months ago by doing a "group buy". Myself and 2 other people special ordered 3 MP11se together and paid $1999 plus CA sales tax each. Since then, the price has increased slightly to $2149 each (when ordering 3), which is still hundreds less than the next best price I've been able to find.

I'm helping 2 other forum members buy their MP11se at this special price but they will need 1 more buyer so if anyone is looking to purchase one and would like to take advantage of this price, please PM me. Once there are 3 buyers ready to go, you will make arrangements with the Kawai authorized directly.

If you're in CA, the price will be $2149 plus CA sales tax.
If you're outside of CA, the price will be $2149 plus shipping but no sales tax.

I've been offered a "finder's fee" for introducing new customers to the store but I'm not taking it. I'm also not getting a commission so if you're not interested please don't be rude. Thank you!
Posted By: toddp Re: MP11se at $2149 each. - 01/17/20 05:34 AM
Sent you a PM
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