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Posted By: Sherman197111 Replacement Sustain Pedal for Kawai L1 - 11/17/19 08:59 PM
I am looking for a sustain pedal for my Kawai L1 Digital Piano. The original broke years ago and I am on (what will be) my third replacement. My current pedal (Donner) stopped working after less then a few months. Prior to that I had a ProLine (Guitar Center Brand) that lasted slightly longer. I was looking at a Roland Pedal (around $50) and also Yamaha (around $30). Does anyone have experience with these two brands?

Also My piano takes pedals with half damper feature.

Lastly I am pretty sure the issue is my pedal and not my piano. I tested the sustain with a Roland FS5U Pedal and that works fine.
Posted By: MarkL Re: Replacement Sustain Pedal for Kawai L1 - 11/18/19 01:18 AM
I have had the Yamaha FC3, which I think is the FC3A now, for about 15 years and have not had a problem. It does half pedaling.
Half-pedaling doesn't (always) work when mixing pianos and pedals from different manufacturers. Sometimes it does if the piano is "smart" enough to adapt.

The L1 seems to be a 15(?) years old model that came with a "Kawai F1r" pedal. Kawai nowadays uses a "F-10H" single pedal.

Any other pedal might not provide proper half-damping, but could of course work as a simple switch. (As proven by the FS5U.)

So, I wouldn't gamble and spend on a Yamaha FC-3 as they also have the cheaper FC-4. (If one were to buy a Yamaha pedal.)
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