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Posted By: Jwhit0007 Replace CLP380 with DP or acoustic GP - 11/16/19 04:10 PM
Hi All,

First post but I have been reading/viewing for a few months now.

I took several years off from playing due to life/work obstacles and i am assessing several options as i start up again. My overall experience level is that I studied under a pretty strict classical teacher between the age of 6 - 16. My interest is more blues/jazz than classical but I do like playing some classical pieces (mostly Chopin).

Back to my dilemma..

Several years ago when i was starting up again from a long break i purchased CLP-380. At the time, it was considered one of the best DPs and it was an upgrade from a Casio DP. At the time I went the DP route because i lived in a townhouse and was concerned about the noise. In addition, I am extremely self conscious about practing where others can hear.

Now that I am starting up again there have been a lot of improvements over the past 10 years with DPs/hybrids since i purchased the CLP 380.

I practice 80% of the time using headphones so that’s how i based my ranking below. My dilemma is should i upgrade to a new hybrid or just continue to use the clp-380 since I primarily use headphones and just wait an upgrade to an acoustic GP in a year or s two which is my eventual end goal (to be able to play well enough to justify a GP either new or used).

Right now i am leaning towards upgrading the CLP to one of the following. However, i haven’t yet played any of these models yet because I am waiting to get a little more practicing under my belt so I can better differentiate the pro/cons between each.

1) Yamaha N1X - i ranked this over the NV10 because of the headphone use (binaural effect?)
2) Kawai NV10
3) Yamaha NU1X
4) Kawai NV5 (when its avail in US)
5) Yamaha N3X (if i went this route i mostly likely wouldn’t upgrade to an acoustic GP for several years)

When/If i pull the trigger on an acoustic Grand my short list below. However, i would most likely start off researching the best quality used piano keeping these in mind. I know it may be hard to find any of these models used.

1) Estonia L190
2) Kawai - GX 2or 3
3) Yamaha CX3

I appreciate and guidance/recommendations!

Posted By: EssBrace Re: Replace CLP380 with DP or acoustic GP - 11/16/19 06:26 PM
Just my thoughts but if you're really planning to get a grand in "a year or two" then I can't see why you'd spend so much on a digital or hybrid, unless you'd keep it long term for quiet practice alongside the grand.

The value of digital pianos (hybrid or otherwise), especially top end ones, drops like a stone so bear that in mind.

You don't have to be a great musician to own a grand! I'm useless but have got myself a decent grand piano. You might feel able to just go for the grand now or just stick with the Clavinova until you are ready.

Good luck!
Posted By: djvu10 Re: Replace CLP380 with DP or acoustic GP - 11/16/19 09:27 PM
Having too many options can sometimes feel like having a dilemma smile
Posted By: Jwhit0007 Re: Replace CLP380 with DP or acoustic GP - 11/17/19 01:28 AM
Originally Posted by djvu10
Having too many options can sometimes feel like having a dilemma smile

Isn’t that the truth! I am leaning towards just keeping the CLP to practice with using the headphones while I search for a good deal on a used GP. Actually, the wife saw me playing and now she’s interested so i gave her her first lesson. Now if i can keep her interested it will be easier to justify a grand piano!
Posted By: djvu10 Re: Replace CLP380 with DP or acoustic GP - 11/17/19 02:39 AM
I think that's a good decision, especially since you never mentioned being unhappy with the Clavinova.
Have fun with the Yamaha while keeping an out for a good used grand. There are many good grands for sale on CL.
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