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What are your favorite settings for Concert Pianos?

I don't eq or play with the settings becasue i don't understand them but i don't use any concert piano 2 and 3 becasue they don't sound good in my headset

I want to know what you have your settings on.

I also want to know your favorite rhode setting
I use SK Concert Grand almost exclusively.

Under Key Setup …

I have Touch = Heavy + and Key Volume = Low Damp.

That is it.
I use default on everything, except adding more reverb for all the samples. I play the concert grand and the first piano that comes up when you press the Jazz button. To me they have a really similar sound, with the Jazz having a bit more character, especially at loud volumes. The concert grand is great for when you want a neutral, ‘perfect’ sound.

But I really like to overdrive the reverb if I’m playing Maxence Cyrin’s cover of Where Is My Mind. An extremely saturated reverb sounds heavenly with certain songs.
I use the SK Concert Grand sound.

I use Mellow 2 for voicing.
The open lid setting is on 2.
I have +2 for DCA release time and DCA Sustain level.
String resonance on 7.

I keep touch as normal for most practise, but I will often switch to heavy before doing a recording and practise runs before the recording as long as I don't need true fff.

I won't be back at my MP11SE for a few days, so I should check that these values are correct but I believe these are what are now saved with the SK Concert Grand sound.

I can remember 3 of the control knob assignments. They are string resonance, voicing and key touch. I don't think I use the fourth. This means I can play with these settings fairly dynamically.
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