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Some of you folks might find this information useful, if you have a room full of electronic audio gear.

The guy who does the annual inspection and tagging of the fire extinguishers in my theatre has pointed out that the standard fire extinguisher in my projection room is a bad idea. The white powder is corrosive and will destroy any electronics that it gets onto.

The right thing to have in a room full of electronics is a CO2 fire extinguisher which costs substantially more than a regular one but won't destroy your electronics.

I just ordered one....
The bigger danger with powder extinguishers is that they aren't effective at putting out electrical fires because the powder does not effectively disperse into devices, they are meant to be used on flammable liquids like oils and petrol. This is why carbon dioxide extinguishers are mandated by law in most commercial premises.
Actually, CO2 extinguishers are not particularly effective for Class A fires and most commercial premises consist of mostly stuff that would fuel a Class A fire. And while a Class B fire could be put out with a CO2 extinguisher (maybe) the extinguisher blasts with such force that it could spatter the burning liquid around the area. So as a practical matter most fire extinguishers should be a dry chemical type except for special purposes like electronic equipment (Class C) and combustible metals (Class D).

So you should have ABC dry chemical extinguishers around your house, office or store, and CO2 extinguishers in the server room or music studio or whatever.

See all the stuff I learned today! smile
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