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It would be a shame to let the N1X monster thread die. So while others are appealing to the powers that be to reinstate it, I thought it would be nice to pick up the discussion stemming from LolaFan's posting of the N1X innards and optical sensing system (http://forum.pianoworld.com/ubbthre...avantgrand-n1x-hands-on.html#Post2900662).

In particular, I recall there are two LED sensors on the AG hammers, with a slightly offset/skewed shutter to capture the various states. From the pictures, it looks like there's only one fiber (emitting light) and one fiber (receiving light) per key. Maybe LolaFan could post a couple of macro shots so we can see exactly how the setup works?
I would like to ensure the outstanding question raised by Pete14 continues, in a hope to see an answer.
Originally Posted by Pete14
It has come to my attention that some parameter-changes cannot be saved on the N1X.

This brings me to the following question:
Is this limitation..........limited to the on-board parameter(s) or does it extend to the app as well?

Specifically, can I keep changes made ‘note-per-note’ on volume and intonation, or do I need to go in there (app) every time the N1X is turned on and go about editing volume and intonation note-per-note again and again...?
Posted By: JJHLH Re: Yamaha AvantGrand N1X - Hands On Part Deux - 10/17/19 05:25 PM
Hopefully the previous N1X Hands On thread can be reopened, as there is much of value there. If not then at least we have a place now where we can discuss this instrument. It deserves its own thread.
I'm going to close this thread. The original has been reopened.
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