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Posted By: Itsbeenawhile Yamaha clp 625 vs ydp 164 - 10/13/19 10:53 PM
Hello, I wondered if I might ask a question of you all as I’m trying to decide which route to take - I’m trying to decide between the two pianos above (I’d love to stretch budget to a 635 but just can’t)
It’s been about twenty years since I’ve played and am keen to get back into playing regularly.

I would really appreciate hearing any thoughts you had as to whether buying an entry level Clavinova was better than a high range Arius?
I’ve a notion that I read a comment on here some time ago that it was better to avoid a bottom of the range Clavinova but I’ve searched and can’t see the reasons behind this!
I’ve played and liked both but since it’s been so long since I’ve played properly, I don’t have the confidence that I’ll pickup the subtleties that will only be noticeable over time ..... I then delved into the world of online comparison and my head is trying to process everything!

Thank you very much in advance for your thoughts,
Posted By: MacMacMac Re: Yamaha clp 625 vs ydp 164 - 10/14/19 01:06 AM
I think the Clav looks better. But the Arius is priced lower. I don't think there's much other difference.

If you're leaning toward the Clav be prepared to reject the store's tag price on the piano and to make a lower offer.
Posted By: petebfrance Re: Yamaha clp 625 vs ydp 164 - 10/14/19 10:45 AM
I have tried these 2 briefly a while back, but didn't have time to really get to know them. My initial impression was that the action on the CLP625 more to my liking and the YDP 164 felt a bit stiff and less responsive (although the salesman assured me that they are the same action) but that's subjective. From what I've read I believe that in the USA the guarantee is better on the CLP range than the YDP range.
Posted By: peterws Re: Yamaha clp 625 vs ydp 164 - 10/14/19 12:01 PM
If you could get a nice price in a 625 . . . or acquire a used one; but the clp will always look much better than the Arius which has never changed in years.
Something that look good will usually sound good, too.
Posted By: Tyrone Slothrop Re: Yamaha clp 625 vs ydp 164 - 10/14/19 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by peterws
Something that look good will usually sound good, too.

[Linked Image]
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