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FP-90 P515 Pro 88

Posted By: FennerMachine

FP-90 P515 Pro 88 - 05/18/19 10:37 PM

Had an interesting day playing with a couple of stage pianos.
This might help others or just be a little entertaining!

I have been using a Roland FP-90 for around 18 months.
It has a nice action and good sound with plenty of voices and options.
But, something has seemed a bit strange with the sound. Good, but not quite right.
I have tried many settings but can’t quite get it to sound as I want.
Also, for use in a small village hall environment the volume is OK but needs a bit more.
I use it once a month for music evenings at such places.

I thought of getting PA speakers, but I want something simple like my FP-90, plug it in a play.
Also, PA speakers won’t fix the basic flaw in the sound. I’ve tried this option.

Now I have an acoustic piano with a very nice action, the sound is more important for me than the key action in a stage piano.

So, I thought of getting a Yamaha P515 for the potentially better sound.
Had a good play-test with one today.
It is a very good piano.
The key action feels very good to me. Heavier than the FP-90 but not too heavy. Equal or better overall IMO.
The sound is good. The samples/sound engine is very nice. Not as many voices as FP-90 though.
It will likely match the FP-90 for volume. P515 has less power but sounds as loud if not a bit louder.
Not sure if the plus points are enough to justify changing my Roland FP-90 for a Yamaha P515.

Then I tested a second hand Bluthner Pro 88 at the same store.
The action is interesting. Bouncy, responsive, light, can play soft or heavy.
It was a bit strange, but after a while I started to appreciate the action.
The sound -WOW!
It sounds like an acoustic piano, or at least closer than any digital I’ve tried.
It was more than loud enough with lots of volume to spare!
Only a few voices. A cumbersome interface. Second hand.

I went back and forth between P515 and Pro 88 for about 3 hours.

I came home with the Bluthner Pro 88.

I’ll probably keep the FP-90 for the extra voices, options & different action.
It won’t hurt to have 3 actions to practice on.

Now I need to rearrange at least one room to fit it somewhere...
Posted By: Cheshire Chris

Re: FP-90 P515 Pro 88 - 05/19/19 08:36 AM

Good for you. I love my P-515, but we're all different, and the important thing is to get the instrument that's right for you.
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