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I exported a piece from Musescore, which played fine on Musescore's built-in synth, but when run through a Kawai CA67 the damper pedal stays down all the way through, even though it was written to lift at the end of each bar and pedal again at the start of the next bar.

Could someone with a Kawai DP check the MIDI file below and see if they have the same results?

If anyone who knows MIDI well could have a look at the note/CC64 events in the file and tell me if I'm doing something wrong, I'd appreciate it! I don't get it, pedal up a few ticks before the end of the bar, and pedal down at the start of the next bar, yet the piano doesn't seem to acknowledge the pedal up event.

Could be a timing problem. The dampers can't fully silence the strings immediately in a real piano. Or in a more accurate simulation of a one, such as the CA67. Especially in the bass end.

The pedal events are there on the track two i.e. the left hand playing the bass end octaves. So at least they are not missing.

The right hand i.e. track one has no pedal events, but they play on the same MIDI channel, so that's okay, I suppose.
I think your MIDI data brings out a feature in the CA67 that simulates a certain behavior of the damper pedal of an acoustic grand. It's called "re-pedaling", I think. This technique means, that if you release the pedal and very quickly press it again, then the notes have not been fully muted by the short moment the dampers were (partially) down. That behavior is used by pianists to achieve certain pedal effects and the CA67 therefore emulates it.
You only have 40 ticks between the pedal up and the new pedal down event. If I calculated the numbers correctly, that means that the pedal is up (and the dampers are down) for less than 0,02 seconds. Much quicker than a human foot can release and re-press the pedal. That is indeed a very quick re-pedaling, so the sound is hardly muted at all.
As an experiment, I moved all pedal down events forward 200 ticks (i.e. 200 ticks later) and the result sounded much closer to your expectation.
So the solution is, to put a proper interval between the pedal up and down events.
Ah that makes a lot of sense, thank you. I might play and record it live with the pedal, see what pedal pattern I use, and then alter Musescore's output to match that.
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