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Hello all, I have a Yamaha Clavinova CVP609 full console digital piano purchased brand new 5 years ago. It sits in my living room. About 3 years in several keys started to play very loud intermittently. Had to call for service and the piano had to be taken apart (very stressful to watch), and the rubber contact pads which detect velocity and effect volume had to be replace. About a year later (last week) same thing occurred, new service call, this time rubber contact pads and the 3 circuit boards they hit were replaced. The alleged cause is dust or whatever else can get inside the piano. I always keep the red felt piano key cover supplied by Yamaha on the keys when not playing which comes close but doesn't TOTALLY cover all areas where dust can enter. I don't close the lid because I don't want to keep putting stress on the wire bundle that moves inside when opening and closing the lid. Can anyone suggest the best material, lint free, which doesn't shed any fibers to use as a cover for the keys? I don't want to hassle with a full cover every time I play. Thanks in advance for any ideas...
Posted By: DFSRN Re: Yamaha Clavinova CVP-609 Dust Key Cover - 09/23/18 01:47 PM
Thanks for addressing this issue, I have never thought about that as I use the red cover on my Yamaha CLP 575 (2014) and YUS5 (2015) pianos. Now that you brought this up, I may consider the purchase of an air purifier. I have a friend who uses one in her office due to allergies and asthma. So far I have not had an issue with the CLP 575 that I bought in 2014. I am looking forward to hearing what other may advise. Here is an air purifier at Lowes. If someone suggest a purifier, please include what type or what to look for when purchasing.

There are also electrostatic air purifiers with washable (as opposed to replacable) filters. Less junk, less maintenance costs and the unit might serve for a decade or two until the bearings start making some noise.

In any case it's important to choose the model based on the room size, or it won't be effective.
Posted By: peterws Re: Yamaha Clavinova CVP-609 Dust Key Cover - 09/23/18 02:11 PM
Grief!! A Yamaha piano with asthma! Joking apart, I've had digital pianos since 1987 and not one of them had a lid. Or a cover. I've had 5 Yamahas, 1 Kawai and 1 Roland.

Not one of them displayed symptoms which might suggest a lid or cover was needed.
I wondered about this myself some time ago, and decided a lid was only another operation to perform before I got to play the thing.

Just my thoughts.
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