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Posted By: Asaf S What is this VST? - 01/08/18 07:59 PM
I've been listening to this recording for a while. The piano sounds like some VST (but maybe I'm wrong and that is an acoustic?).
Can you figure out what type of VST is it? It just sounds great.

Posted By: jarobi Re: What is this VST? - 01/08/18 08:49 PM
Spirited Away was released in 2001 so, if it's a VST, it's an old version.
Posted By: jimbeam Re: What is this VST? - 01/08/18 08:50 PM

It seems like something a virtual (modelled) piano could do. Have a listen at https://www.pianoteq.com/listen_by_style?style=cinematic&new=1 and "Rare butterfly" (the 2nd example).

Good thing about modelled pianos is that you can mess with their virtual "age", strings etc.
Posted By: Gombessa Re: What is this VST? - 01/08/18 11:31 PM
Hhmm, it certainly does not sound like an acoustic to me. Assuming it's a VST, the audio is either highly compressed or the original quality of the instrument/source isn't great.

Btw, one of the things that convinced me to go with Garritan CFX was how faithfully it could emulate the tone and ambiance ofHisaishi playing One Summer's Day on a concert grand.
Posted By: Asaf S Re: What is this VST? - 01/09/18 10:29 PM
Thanks, the Pianoteq does sound very close!
The Garritan sounds good too, closer to acoustic actually. That convinced my that this recording is definitely not of an acoustic.
Posted By: jimbeam Re: What is this VST? - 01/10/18 07:18 AM
Well, maybe an acoustic can give this sound with a bit of post-processing with EQ and reverb.

Also, an old piano could give these vintage sounds, just search youtube for "old piano sound"

first 3 results gave this:


Posted By: gskmeva123 Re: What is this VST? - 01/10/18 09:35 AM
Great piece from Joe Hisaishi. I'm not sure which VST (or digital piano) was used in the link you provided but there are many other nice VSTs available that may even surpass the one used. I currently use Garritan CFX Lite (price was too good to pass) and have previously used Ivory Keys (Vintage D). Cheers!
Posted By: jimbeam Re: What is this VST? - 01/10/18 09:47 AM
Yes, the market has so many beautiful instruments. Garritan CFX Lite is one of the best values.

other nice grands at similar budget (about 100$) that come to mind are:

XLN Audio Addictive Keys: Studio Grand
Native instruments: The grandeur
Native Instruments: Alicia’s Keys
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