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Posted By: iceporky Just purchased a Kawai ES100 - 08/05/17 03:56 AM

Just wish to share my experience on my new Kawai ES100 after 1 week.

1. Keys are well-aligned and uniformly-spaced.
2. No clicking sound from any keys.
3. Keys return very quickly; but don't really push-back against your fingers.
4. All keys feel solid when pressed, no mushy feel on any keys.
5. The sounds are pretty decent from the on-board speakers.
6. Can sometimes feel the keys reverberating when playing.
7. Sustain pedal feels solid
8. Can hear the keys fallback to their original rest positions (through headphones).
9. Can hear the sustain pedal activated (through headphones).

I think I got a near-perfect keyboard this time. Your mileage might vary since I have access to a local Kawai store. I tested the display set and bought that display set on the spot. I don't want to leave it to chances where the delivered set might have clicky-keys (if you recalled, I had my fair share of clicky-keys from Kawai).

I have to say the keys on the ES100 don't feel very different from my Yamaha U3 (which I bought new and sold recently when I moved). The reverberating keys and key-fallback noise remind me of my U3. The ES100 plays great and doesn't restrict my playing in any way. Maybe because I'm not playing classical; I'm just toying with simple piano improvisation with inversions and runs.

To beginners who are learning piano and thinking of "should i get the Kawai ES100 or something else", i say "just get this". I've owned Yamaha P155, Kawai ES7 and top-of-the-line Kawai CA95, so I have good references to compare this purchase with.

I'm really impressed that Kawai can make such a superb keyboard at this price-point.

Well done, Kawai!

Posted By: David B Re: Just purchased a Kawai ES100 - 08/05/17 04:02 AM
Is there a reason why you chose the ES100 over the newer ES110? I didn't realize dealers still had ES100's in stock.
Posted By: iceporky Re: Just purchased a Kawai ES100 - 08/05/17 04:07 AM
It's $200 cheaper. But mainly because I find the keys on the ES100 feel better. I know it should be the other way round; but that's how my fingers feel...
Posted By: David B Re: Just purchased a Kawai ES100 - 08/05/17 06:59 AM
Originally Posted by iceporky
It's $200 cheaper.

Wow! That's a great deal. I would have made the same decision. Congrats on the purchase.

God Bless,
Posted By: iceporky Re: Just purchased a Kawai ES100 - 08/05/17 07:06 AM
Thanks, David! Never thought that I would be satisfied with an entry keyboard. But here I am. smile
Posted By: TonyDIGITAL Re: Just purchased a Kawai ES100 - 08/05/17 12:24 PM
I also bought an ES100 and have been very please with it ever since.
When switching back and forth between it and my teacher's Yamaha baby grand there's not much of difference.
The Lowrey EZP3 has the same key action, better user interface but older piano sound. It's $200 cheaper than the ES100 and would be a better fit for me since I'm using VST/DAW and don't mind the onboard sound.
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