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I am currently in the process of buying a digital piano and have narrowed down my list to the Roland FP30 and the Roland F140R CB.

Most differences that the F140R offers don't matter to me, so because of the fact that I'd prefer a portable model and the lower price my first choice will now be the FP30 (with stand).

I have been able to test the F140R CB and I loved it. However I have not yet been able to test the FP30.

Since I read "somewhere on the internet" that the speakers of the FP30 are smaller than the F140R, my biggest concern would be:
How good/loud are the speakers of the FP30. Will they be able to sound well in an average sized livingroom? How will they compare to the speakers of the F140R?

I guess these questions are hard to answer, but anything will be appreciated.

Kind regards,
There's a YouTube video demonstrating the FP30 speakers:


But of course that still doesn't match real life as whatever you use to play it back affects the sounds. As does the Zoom H6 recorder that they used to record it. So let's wait for real-life experiences from people... smile
Thanks! I thought a YouTube video wouldn't give me any relevant information about the sound quality, but I think this video does a pretty good job. smile

The only specs on the speakers are "Diameter: 12 cm" -- for both models.

F140R has 12 watts per channel; FP-30 has 11 watts per channel -- an insignificant difference.

The F140R has the speakers mounted below the keyboard, in little boxes, firing downward. I can't find a picture of the FP30 that shows the speakers, so they might also be mounted on the bottom of the keyboard.

They should sound reasonably similar.

They're both reasonable DP's, IMHO. The actions (PHA-4 Standard) are identical, and the sound generators are probably similar -- the F140R has full "General MIDI" sounds, the FP30 doesn't.

Have fun, whichever you get.

If you get the FP-30 with an X-stand, get a "double-braced" X-stand. It might cost an extra $25, but it's way stiffer than a single-braced X-stand.

I have an FP-30 and find the speakers generally adequate for home practice. They reproduce the piano tone quite well, but with a bias toward the bottom end (that may be the internal EQ rather than the speakers themselves). As with most of Roland's slabs, they can't cope well if you split the keyboard to play left hand acoustic bass with piano - you get distortion in treble notes. IIRC, the Yamaha P-255 coped much better in this scenario, and even the Kawai ES100 had less distortion with split bass.

I have just edited this post regarding an issue with the way the latest firmware has affected output. The 1.03 upgrade allows you to plug in headphones (or external speakers) and select whether you want the internal speakers to sound. I was getting an over-amplified signal from the headphone output, but having just tried it again, it seems that you need to reset the volume control when you plug in external speakers and require internal speakers to operate at the same time.

This firmware issue has not dampened my enthusiasm for the FP, since it was incapable of speaker switching when I bought it. If you accept it as merely a lightweight substitute for acoustic piano, it does the job well, with a particularly rewarding and rich piano tone. EPs are poor (definitely well below the quality and musicality of those in the Kawais), but the acoustic bass is well executed, and the variable split point is handy. The action is also quite good within the limits imposed by the small case, and key surface feel is very acceptable.

So to go back to your question, yes the FP's speakers are adequate for a modest room and sound quite good for AP reproduction, but can't really handle much more than this.
Thanks for all the interesting insights!
The reason I would buy a FP30 over an F140R is because I can then take it from the livingroom to my studioroom and use it as a midi keyboard as well (to use with Propellerhead Reason).

I would by it not with an x-stand, but like this: https://www.thomann.de/nl/roland_fp_30_bk_home_bundle.htm?glp=1&gclid=CJW52KLQktICFRXjGwodvHELhg

However, if for example the F140R sounds better (I'm not yet convinced wether it does or does not), I might buy the F140R and buy a seperate midi keyboard later.

I will probably never use it (seriously) with split keyboard. I will probably keep with playing piano and will use Reason if I need other sounds. My main reason to buy a DP is to have a piano standing in my livingroom which I can play whenever I want (and can use with headphones when needed).
You might have to unscrew the FP30 from the stand, in order to move it. But it would work out.

I bought an FP-30 for similar reasons, on the basis that it is otherwise identical to the F140R (the speakers are the same size).

I think it's great value for money. At full volume it goes fairly loud (90dbA or so). The built-in speaker audio quality is not great (compared to headphones or hifi speakers), but actually you get used to it and it doesn't bother me during practice.

Perhaps the difference is due to F-140R comes with some wooden cabinet(even if minimalistic).
It might worth to compare F-140R to RP-501R using the speakers as well smile

The sound you percieve is not only depending on the sound engine or the speakers...
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