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Advice needed on Clavinova CLP 150

Posted By: P0werline

Advice needed on Clavinova CLP 150 - 03/11/15 04:16 AM


New to the forums and need some advice. I just recently started taking lessons and a friend has a Clavinova 150 that she is selling for $500. Is this a good price? The board was just replaced and the piano was fully serviced by a tech (one key was sticking, was replaced). I see the piano as an investment and do not have much experience with digital pianos. Is this a good buy or should I be looking into a newer yamaha piano? For reference, I was looking at the DGX650 which would be closer to 800-1000 range. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Frédéric L

Re: Advice needed on Clavinova CLP 150 - 03/11/15 07:09 AM

I have a CLP150 and still happy with it.... The keyboard, GH, is the same than the YDP162. The sound (from an AWM generator) should be equivalent, but the amplification is far better (2x60W). Then - if the electronic is still valid (I don't know how it makes old) - it could be a good bargain.

The DGX will be likely more interesting for accompaniments functions but has an inferior keyboard and amplification.

Note: there was a possibility to download MIDI files in it (interesting for accompaniments since the CLP150 has A MIDI GM+XG sound bank), but the program made to do it, file utility, is only available for Windows 95/98 !! I had to install a virtual machine with this OS to be able to continue such exchanges.
Posted By: Paolo70

Re: Advice needed on Clavinova CLP 150 - 03/11/15 07:47 AM

Hi Powerline,

I have checked the CLP150 specs and they seem to me totally reasonable for a first piano. It has a really excellent amplification (the same 60Wx2 amplifier that is on my own piano, which I know very well) and polyphony (128 voices), half pedalling capabilities, plus a few useful extras like an integrated recorder/sequencer, and even some cool but not so critical features like sympathetic string resonance and key off samples. It also looks very good, which doesn't hurt. My impression that you would be getting a pretty nice piano for $500, especially if the conditions are really good.

Welcome and good luck with your lessons!
Posted By: peterws

Re: Advice needed on Clavinova CLP 150 - 03/11/15 09:23 AM

Depends on what you want your piano to do. The CLP seems a good choice, certainly a good looker with loads of power which you may or may not need.

Connectivity may not be up to modern standards, but it has a useful multivoice function and 16 track recorder. If the keys have started to stick, there may be more of this to contend with, but - might be easy enough to deal with. You won`t lose a lot of money when you come to change in future. And it looks good. It will be around 13 years old, too.

The DGX has a load of voices and a simple easy recording feature (5 voices plus drums/accompaniment) with audio recording and audio input which is useful for software pianos with minimal wiring and clutter. The piano is good and powerful for it`s power (only 6W per channel) and I`ve never used it on full. Too loud for my room.

But not everybody likes the lightweight GHs action. If you just want a piano, I think I`d go for the CLP. I do like the sound of those older Yams.

But I`m biased. I have the DGX ha ha
Posted By: Frédéric L

Re: Advice needed on Clavinova CLP 150 - 03/11/15 09:33 AM

The connectivity is quite good for the price : MIDI, USB-to-host, LINE-OUT, LINE-IN... It only lacks USB-to-dev for MIDI files exchanges, but the 1000€ YDP162 lacks it too.
Posted By: MacMacMac

Re: Advice needed on Clavinova CLP 150 - 03/11/15 12:43 PM

The CLP150 is a good choice, in principle. I'd be concerned about wear on the keys and the sensors.

My Clavinova is six years old, and I've had to replace some of the rubber contact sensors. The CLP150 in question was released in 2002, so it's perhaps twice as old as my piano.

Unless the owner used it very little, its sensors may be worn. There's no way to tell. These pads give no advance warning of impending failure. They simply fail one day and that's that.
Posted By: P0werline

Re: Advice needed on Clavinova CLP 150 - 03/11/15 10:36 PM

Thanks for the advice guys. Now, my decision is between a casio trivia px-320 vs the Clavinova CLP 150. The 150 is 500 and the px-320 is 350. The 350 is barely used. The clavinova was owned by a piano teacher, so its seen a lot of use, but it just had maintenance performed on the keys and the board was replaced. Is it worth it for an older clavinova vs a newer privia?

Advice would be helpful, I need to pick one of them up tomorrow. Thanks!
Posted By: Paolo70

Re: Advice needed on Clavinova CLP 150 - 03/12/15 07:37 AM

Hi Powerline,

I'm not familiar with Casio pianos, so I cannot provide any info about them. Perhaps you can dig into the forum with the search function to get some useful comments about the PX-320.

Enjoy your piano, whatever it is!
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