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Posted By: Frédéric L Are Roland HP USB 'Class Compliant' - 01/14/15 09:38 PM
In order to connect a Roland HP504 to a MIDI device, I would like to know if they are compatible with the Kenton USB MIDI Host adpator.

The Kenton site clains "The attached USB MIDI device MUST be 'Class Compliant'.". And I see that HP504 has specific drivers on its download page. If these drivers are required, it would means that the generic driver of the OS (made for Class compliant devices) are not compatible, and the Kenton adaptor likely to be uncompatible.

Then I would like to know if Are Roland HP USB 'Class Compliant'.
Posted By: JayGVan Re: Are Roland HP USB 'Class Compliant' - 01/15/15 12:08 AM
For reference, I can take the USB MIDI out on the front of the HP504, into the camera connection kit on an iPad and control Garage Band. So yes, it is Class Compliant.

Posted By: login Re: Are Roland HP USB 'Class Compliant' - 01/16/15 07:43 PM
i think roland has been releasing class compliant devices since 2 years ago. I think most products state it in the manual (if they are or not).
Posted By: Frédéric L Re: Are Roland HP USB 'Class Compliant' - 01/16/15 07:48 PM
The presence of specific drivers made made me doubt.... But the manual of one HP50x describe a setting about the USB mode: standard or specific (from memory), then it confirms the class compliant mode (depending of the setting).
Posted By: BusyWait Re: Are Roland HP USB 'Class Compliant' - 01/16/15 10:09 PM
What extra features do you get if you install the Roland driver?

I downloaded version 1.0.1 but it won't install for me on Windows 8.1 x64 - I wonder what I'm missing out on?

When I run the installer I click through to a screen that says "Please use a USB cable to connect the Roland Digital Piano to your computer, and then turn on the power of the Roland Digital Piano, and wait. The driver will be installed automatically."

The next button stays grey for ever.
Posted By: Frédéric L Re: Are Roland HP USB 'Class Compliant' - 01/16/15 10:25 PM
According to the manual : "Normally, you don’t need to install a driver in order to connect the unit to your computer. However, if some problem occurs, or if the performance is poor, using the Roland original driver may solve the problem." Then it seems that you won't have other functions, and it is just another option in case the generic driver doesn't work. Note that the piano should be set in a specific mode if you want to use the specific driver. (And the piano rebooted for the option to be used if I do remember correctly)
Posted By: BusyWait Re: Are Roland HP USB 'Class Compliant' - 01/17/15 08:34 PM
Thanks! I saw the driver on the Roland website as a download for my RP401R (I was surprised not to find any firmware updates!)

Reading the manual carefully, it doesn't mention a MIDI driver at all, so I guess it's a mistake to have listed it for the RP401R on the web? Certainly I don't have any option to switch between "Class Compliant" and any other type of MIDI interface or driver.

I was hoping that a specific driver for the DP would provide a list of program names in my midi recording software (Tracktion), rather than "Bank 1" to "Bank 16", and "Patch 0" to "Patch 127". I guess I'll have to read the "midi implementation" PDF *really* carefully instead smile
Posted By: Frédéric L Re: Are Roland HP USB 'Class Compliant' - 01/17/15 08:55 PM
A MIDI driver does only provide a mean for the application (Tracktion in your case) to exchange MIDI events. its interface, constrained by Windows doesn't describe programs. You could perhaps have a mean to provide the program names list to Tracktion (But I don't know it...)
Posted By: BusyWait Re: Are Roland HP USB 'Class Compliant' - 01/19/15 11:31 PM
Aha, yes, thanks Frédéric L. I found the option to edit the "program name" for the MIDI output in Tracktion. So, I chose the "Roland Digital Piano", and copied some of the MSB, LSB, and Program Change values quoted in the MIDI implementation PDF that I downloaded from the Roland web site.

It's not completely obvious what the best way to organize them will be (banks and patches), but at least Tracktion lets me preset any bank with the GM 1 patch names, which should save some time.

I can also export and import the banks - I don't suppose this is a standard format that someone else might have already done for me?
Posted By: Frédéric L Re: Are Roland HP USB 'Class Compliant' - 01/20/15 07:01 AM
It could be exported to/imported from the cakewalk instrument definition file (.INS). Roland provides files for some synthesizers http://www.rolandus.com/support/patch_script_builder

See also http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/sep12/articles/sonar-0912.htm
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