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Posted By: 337 Roland and Yamaha Pianos - 04/09/14 09:27 PM
Hello, good evening.

I wonder which of the two pianos is best for classical music, and why he is the best: Yamaha CVP-609 GP-Piano or Roland GP-7 PE V-Piano.

Now another question, having one of the pianos and the Roland C-330 Organ, it would still be necessary to buy a Harpsichord as the Roland C-30 to have a sound of Harpsichord?

I know that both the piano and the organ has styles of harpsichord, but a real harpsichord like the C-30 Roland would be better?

Thanks smile
Posted By: Kona_V-Piano Re: Roland and Yamaha Pianos - 04/09/14 10:18 PM
The V-Piano in my opinion would be best for classical music. It would sound the most natural and organic when playing. The Clavinova CVP series is a far more versatile instrument than the V-Piano and will give you more sounds to layer. However as far as pure piano sound, the V-Piano would make you believe you are playing an acoustic moreso than the CVP which does suffer from short samples that loop the decay.
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