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Kawai CS4 - any reviews?

Posted By: Craynerd

Kawai CS4 - any reviews? - 10/11/13 06:38 PM

Hello, I'm interested in purchasing my first digital piano after having the luxury of 6 lovely acoustics at work (in a school). With a young family I just don't have the biggest budget but I'm curious to know how the Cs4 compares to the Cs7 which is £1000 more!

I played both the week before last and did think there was a better sound and playing action from the cs7 but I'm interested to know of an experienced pianist would agree - I can play very little so maybe the price tag biased my view. One thing I did like about the more expensive cs7 piano was the slightly bigger size - it just felt more comfortable to play at. All this said, £1000 more almost takes it out of my league. It is just weather an argument with the misses and £1500 lone is worth the difference in play and sound!

Help appreciated.

Posted By: Emiliano

Re: Kawai CS4 - any reviews? - 10/11/13 09:26 PM

I'll get my CS7 delivered tomorrow.....didn't have the chance to compare it with the CS4 in the store, because it wasn't on the floor. I did test the CS7 and CA65 and 95 and found it much more convincing and natural. Probably the different body and material play a big role in sound projection and overtones.
The CS7 has the top notch action that kawai offers on the market today: the Grand Feel Action, which is superb. I know it'll be 1000 more, but if you pay it in monthly installments, like I do, it'll be probably 10 pounds more then the CS4......
CS7 rocks!
Posted By: Craynerd

Re: Kawai CS4 - any reviews? - 10/12/13 06:36 AM

Suppose it depends over how long you choose to pay - I'd go for the cs7 but I expect £1000 over 2 years is more like £50 including the additional interest! Are you in the uk?
Posted By: DeadPoets

Re: Kawai CS4 - any reviews? - 07/08/17 07:15 PM

How much is the kawai CS4 in American dollars
Posted By: Finfan

Re: Kawai CS4 - any reviews? - 07/08/17 10:29 PM

Originally Posted by DeadPoets
How much is the kawai CS4 in American dollars

At today's exchange rate The CS4 would be $1920, while the CS7 would be $3200. At least at the prices the original poster quoted of 1500 and 2500 British Pounds respectively.
Posted By: Bambers

Re: Kawai CS4 - any reviews? - 07/09/17 10:31 AM

Behold the thread necromancy! smile

This is three and a half years old, the cs4 and 7 are both no longer manufactured.
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