Polished Ebony?

Posted by: peterws

Polished Ebony? - 09/05/13 03:21 PM

Musing through the local Piano Shop website, (as you do) my beadies fell on the specs. . . and as I got down to the weight, I noticed a distinct difference in the Yamaha pianos. Now, whilst some PE instruments carry a higher specification, these didn`t. Yet the weight difference was 127/134 pounds for the CVP601 model, and a similar discrepancy for the YDP162.

Paint does not account for this, in my opinion. Is the cabinet made of sterner stuff, d`ya think? Like, wood even??
Posted by: MacMacMac

Re: Polished Ebony? - 09/05/13 07:46 PM

The finish DOES account for the difference. It's a fairly thick coating.