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Posted By: MarkF786 Fair Price for HP 505? - 04/01/13 08:32 PM
I'm in the market for a digital piano and all my research led me to select the Roland HP 505. I went to a dealer today, tried it out, and loved it! It had a great sound and great action; the keys even felt like real ivory.

The dealer quoted a price of $3300 + tax and gave me a line of b.s. that Roland forbid them to sell it any lower. Come on, who would believe that. I called another dealer who quoted me a price of $2900 with tax & delivery included (which would make it $2710 before tax. That seems like a great price to me!

Is it worth trying to shop around any more? I typically would call the dealer who I first visited to offer them the business, but in this case I think the dealer who immediately gave me a good price deserves the business.

Posted By: MacMacMac Re: Fair Price for HP 505? - 04/01/13 09:08 PM
Are you sure you want to accept the price that the dealer offered?

What is YOUR offer? It should surely be lower than what the dealer offered!
Posted By: MarkF786 Re: Fair Price for HP 505? - 04/01/13 09:49 PM
With the first dealer, I didn't even make an offer since he said they would not sell it any lower than the asking price. With the next dealer, he already came in almost 20% lower than the first, so I didn't push any further yet.

I've bought a lot music gear (synths, guitars, studio gear, etc) over the years, and prices are a lot more transparent in this area. I typically aim for 20% below MAP, either via a coupon or negotiation; I know from friends in the business that this is a reasonably good discount. But with the way console DPs are sold via piano dealers, prices are opaque and it's hard to gauge what's a fair price.

What's your negotiation strategy when all the information you have is two prices from two dealers, and you don't know what the MSRP is, the MAP is, what other's have bought it for, etc?


Posted By: ONfrank Re: Fair Price for HP 505? - 04/01/13 10:30 PM
From what I gather around here, 30% below MSRP would be typical.
Posted By: MarkF786 Re: Fair Price for HP 505? - 04/01/13 10:56 PM
In the world of other musical gear, a good deal would be about 40% off MSRP. I found one site that lists the HP 505 MSRP as $4,599, and 40% off that would be $2759. Add tax, for a total of $2952. So it's looking like $2900 is a good price.
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