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Soundbar for DP

Posted By: thomsurf

Soundbar for DP - 02/24/13 12:06 PM

These are made for flatscreen tvs and promise deep sound with surround sound characteristics and lots of 'spread'.

Sounds like it could be a great idea for DPs without speakers.

Has anyone tried this?
Posted By: Charles Cohen

Re: Soundbar for DP - 02/24/13 04:57 PM

There's a tendency for "soundbars" to use really small tweeters, against a rather large woofer. Many 3-box "computer speakers" have the same problem.

The result is a system with good highs and bass, but weak midrange. Not good for piano.

"Powered monitor" loudspeakers (music-store items, not "consumer electronics") tend to be better balanced. And -- of course -- more expensive.

But if you have a soundbar available, try it out -- it might be fine.

. Charles
Posted By: Jake Jackson

Re: Soundbar for DP - 02/24/13 08:01 PM

Some of the Kawai stage pianos have a three speaker arrangement across the top of the keyboard, and the sound is very good. I don't know if the sound bars produced for regular consumers would be as good, however.

(In any case, be aware that many sound bars do not have a middle speaker. Under the grill, they have just two speakers, as though someone simply drilled holes in a plank and inserted the speakers.)
Posted By: theJourney

Re: Soundbar for DP - 02/25/13 07:51 AM

You could try this one which is made for both TV and music:

Posted By: thomsurf

Re: Soundbar for DP - 02/25/13 09:49 AM

I guess you're right about the problem with missing mids in the small tweeter/woofer combo. I would still love to try out something like that Sonos bar. The idea of the sound being projected in various directions is appealing.
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