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Need your help for 700NX's amplification !

Posted By: Samsam

Need your help for 700NX's amplification ! - 02/13/13 07:32 PM

Hi everyone,
This is my first post but i've read a lot here when i had to choose which DP i should get.
So two months ago i bought a roland rd700NX and started working seriously, but the sound i'm getting is really bad compared to what this DP can give.
I'm using a home cinema set (who is overboosted in the bass), and a very old headset : 7 years old beyerdynamic's dt 990 (really damaged too).
I would like to have a decent sound with my 700NX, so i'm asking your help.
I don't have a big budget, something like 200-300€, so what sould i get ? Headset ? Speakers ?
I saw that two headsets are really good in this price range : The beyerdynamic DT 880 pro, and the AKG K702, what do you think about them ? Is it a better choice to take a set of speakers ?

Really thanks in advance, and sorry for my poor (and bad) english.
Hope you're going to help me making the best choice !
Posted By: Kbeaumont

Re: Need your help for 700NX's amplification ! - 02/13/13 07:53 PM

It depends on whether you want to play for someone other than yourself. If not then headsets are fine both of those are very nice. I like the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II which is in the same price range.

As for speakers, I would recommend a set of good active monitor speakers. The Yamaha HS50M are real good and you can add a matching subwoofer HS10W if needed. Either way its always best to have both headsets and speakers.
Posted By: Samsam

Re: Need your help for 700NX's amplification ! - 02/13/13 09:19 PM

Thank you for your awnser !
In fact, i'm saying to myself that i don't really have the choice between headset and speakers, because i think that with 300€ it's not possible to find some decents speakers playable in a band. (And i'm only working alone now)
My logic is that i should take the amplification system which will give me the bests results for 300€.
And later, take some nice speakers, what do you think about that ?

The Sennheiser HD 25-1 II don't seems to be in this price range, it's the Sennheiser HD650.
I've read a test between those headsets :

1 - AKG K 702
2 - Ultrasone PRO2900
3 - BeyerDynamic DT-880 Pro
4 - Sennheiser HD650
5 - Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000

And like i said before, The AKG and the Beyerdynamic are apparently the best one but for mixing; the test was not concerning instruments amplification so i don't know which one i should take...
PS: maybe that those headsets are too much,and if it's the case, please tell me !
Posted By: Kbeaumont

Re: Need your help for 700NX's amplification ! - 02/14/13 03:19 PM

I have found that what is best for mixing isn't necessarily the best for an instrument.
Sometimes they can point out flaws in the piano that you might never notice anywhere else.

That is their purpose if you can make a mix sound great in a perfectly flat, detailed monitor or headset then it will sound decent in a wide variety of settings. If your goal is to play in a band, I would buy the cheapest set that still sounds good and save for a good stage amplification system.

I don't think you would be dissatisfied with any of those you listed. I tend to prefer cans that I feel comfortable wearing for long period of time. To me that is just as important as the sound, because if you hate wearing them, your not going to want to play very long.
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