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casio px135 or px150?

Posted By: Jaker

casio px135 or px150? - 02/07/13 01:39 PM

Hi I've been lurking for a while. I'm a 24 year old guitarist/saxophone player and I record a bunch of stuff in my home studio. I've been tinkering on piano on and off I had a nordiska upright when I lived in a house. I know how a piano should feel and sound. I had a cdp100for a while that I hated and gave to my mom.

The issue is I have a son (16 months)and another on the way. I realised I had to focus my energy on a silent instrument since the only time I have is at night when they sleep so I decided to play piano for real this time.
I played a px750 in a music store wich I LOVED! but it's out of my price range.

The px135 is the cheapest one. but how much better is the px150?

The onboard sound is not the most important since I have good libraries on my computer. I guess it comes down to is there any difference in action or is it just the ivory keys?
Posted By: galaxy4t

Re: casio px135 or px150? - 02/07/13 05:01 PM

The PX-150 has a new piano sample and there is a different sound chip than the PX-X30 series. The action is also new and there are ivory coated keys. Both pianos sound similar as they are sampled off the same acoustic. I think the sound on the 150 is richer and fuller. The sustain of the sample is also improved over the PX-X30 series. Is it leaps and bounds better? No. However, it is improved and definately refined.
Posted By: dkong99

Re: casio px135 or px150? - 02/07/13 05:46 PM

Personally I liked the PX150's action better but wasn't that thrilled with the "ivory" keys. Of course one's opinion of action is purely subjective, if you can try both models side by side. As the PX135 is on its way out, you should be able to get a much better discount for it.

With another child on the way, you probably don't want to spend any more than you have to, but only you can decide if the price difference is worth it.

Posted By: Jaker

Re: casio px135 or px150? - 02/07/13 07:10 PM

People selling used pianos here don't seem to have a clue what they are worth. I've seen more than one px130 on sweden's craigslist for more than retail price.

Anyways I've thrown in some low offers to them, If I can get it for around 300euros I'll take it.

F.Y.I a new px135 here goes for 499 euros including stand an pedals. And a px150 goes for 599 without the stand and triple pedal.

I'm selling of alot of my studio gear and I'll see how much that will give me.

How is the px130 action compared to cdp100? I had one of those and I didn't like that, Maybe it was the sound more than the action. But calling the sound from cdp100 a musical instrument is an insult.
Posted By: galaxy4t

Re: casio px135 or px150? - 02/07/13 09:17 PM

The CDP-100 is/was a popular seller. There are a lot of them being used as MIDI controllers on software instruments on computers. The action is older, heavier, and noisy compared to the PX-X30 series where I think it became not as heavy and less noisy. However some keys may wobble. The current action in the PX-X50 line is new and many seem to like it. It is definately improved over the PX-X30 line. As far as price, many PX-130/135's are selling for standard retail price $499 U.S.D. Haven't seen any big discounts. PX-150 is $599 U.S.D. Not sure what this translates to in euros.
Posted By: Jaker

Re: casio px135 or px150? - 02/08/13 01:49 PM

one euro is around 10 swedish kronor. And a dollar around 6-7 kronor. So it's a bit cheaper in the U.S but casio dealers are not aloud to ship to other countries.

I found a music store who had both the 150 and the 135.

I really love the keys on the 150 and I can live with the action on 135. but the ivory keys really got me.
The question is how badly I'm going to want a 150 later on.

It looks like I can get a use px130 including the stand and triple pedal for 380euros. I might jump on that.

I think my plan is to sell it within 6 months and see what my needs are. If I mainly use it as a midikey or if I should go all in and get a 750 or 850. All depending on how it will be received by my mrs.

Ï also have a plan to buy a acoustic piano to have in the livingroom and keep the px130 in my "home studio" room to practice on.

You can get a nordiska upright (the one sampled in pianoteq I think) For free. Or a maintained and serviced one for 50 euros.

I bought on from a piano service guy for 150euros to the pianist in my jazz band. It looked like heck but played awesome. With renner mechanics.
Posted By: galaxy4t

Re: casio px135 or px150? - 02/08/13 09:20 PM

Well, price often wins out when you are looking to buy something. My opinion is that action is more important than sound. You can't change the action, but you can change the sound by hooking up to a computer. Since you seem to like the ivory touch keys seems like the 150 would be the better bet.
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