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Krome 88 vs. SP280

Posted By: PossumES8SP280

Krome 88 vs. SP280 - 02/03/13 06:28 PM

Is anyone else considering one vs. the other? Now, of course the Krome 88 will have the more advanced 2.8gb piano sample, but the SP280 is power on and play.

I played the Krome 88 yesterday again and was convinced the version of NH on that board was better than that on the SP170.

Posted By: voxpops

Re: Krome 88 vs. SP280 - 02/03/13 09:06 PM

I've not been convinced thus far by the brief demos I've heard of the SP-280 - sounds like the short decay time issue rears its head yet again. But, to be fair, there's nothing high quality out there to allow for a thorough evaluation.

The two boards are aimed at very different markets, and have a very different feature set. If you're comparing the pianos on paper, the SP has a four layer sample set with the addition of some release samples, while the Krome has an eight-layer set with no release samples (that I've yet discovered).
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