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Posted By: Aidan

New web site - 02/01/13 10:59 AM

Hi guys I just revamped my website and would appreciate your feedback, whether praise or criticism. Click here to visit.

Posted By: Keegan

Re: New web site - 02/01/13 08:53 PM

I have been considering starting a similar project myself. Your website is very inspiring and looks very professional. Everything an interested person could want to know is clearly answered, and the fact that your audio clips stand out on every page creates a wonderful finish laugh I'd hire you!
Posted By: spanishbuddha

Re: New web site - 02/01/13 09:55 PM

I like the clean uncluttered design. Easy to navigate. I looked for more photo's, as I was curious about 'dress code' at different events, and also the piano's used.

I did try to click on the bullet items on the top right!

The font on my laptop came through a bit small. Not really a problem as I can quickly adjust that. But relative to other sites I use a lot it came through smaller.

In portrait mode on my iPad the width is truncated.

Very nice easy to use site though.
Posted By: MacMacMac

Re: New web site - 02/01/13 10:20 PM

I frequently read Jakob Nielsen's web usability studies. He points out things that work well on web sites, and things that don't.

I think he'd give yours high marks.

You're not a big name corporation, and you probably have limited recognition online. So you need plainly state who you are and what you do. And you do exactly that.

You'd be surprised (or perhaps not) how many web sites leave a visitor wondering what the web site is all about.
Posted By: Dave Ferris

Re: New web site - 02/02/13 12:30 AM

Very nice all around Aidan. Looks like you covered every possible base. They can't say you didn't give 'em enough musical samples.. wink Everything sounds good.

Best of luck with it all.
Posted By: Kawai James

Re: New web site - 02/02/13 01:06 AM

Looks good Aidan!

Clean and modern, good use of webfonts+CSS, loads quickly etc.

Nice job.

Posted By: o0Ampy0o

Re: New web site - 02/02/13 03:43 AM


I like what you are going for, the color scheme and it looks professional.

Everything works but there is room to fine tune a few things.

The content is clustered in the box center page. Within that box you need more air/white space. Also, I think you should change the font used in the body. The text tracking is too tight in some areas. The letters and spaces are jammed together. Additionally, "Art" in the title needs kerning adjusted. The T sits too far out to the right. There is also too much space between the "M" and "U" in MUSIC and the "D" and "A" in AIDAN.

Regarding the menu bar with HOME, WEDDINGS CIVIL PARTNERSHIPS, etc. can you remove the empty box on the right and spread the remaining items out to take advantage of that space?

What tool did you use to create the webpage?
Posted By: thercman

Re: New web site - 02/02/13 04:44 AM


The site is very professionally laid out... If I went to your site with the possible intentions of hiring you for an event, the attention to detail of the site and sound files would pretty much seal the deal....

BTW, what software did you use to create the site?
Posted By: Aidan

Re: New web site - 02/02/13 03:19 PM

Thanks for all your comments, guys, some valid points to think about. The site was built in Wordpress, using the Atahualpa theme, with some custom coding and a few widgets here and there.
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