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Just got a Krome 88 (First Video up on youtube)

Posted By: MFBlueFly

Just got a Krome 88 (First Video up on youtube) - 01/15/13 01:26 PM

Korg Krome 88 Blue Velvet Video

Got me a great deal trading in my Kawai MP4 so I just had to go for it.

Hardly used it yet but so far I think it's going to be great.

At first I thought the keyboard was a bit heavy and sluggish but once I started playing I quickly got used to the feel which seems nice and responsive now, black keys make a slight scratching sound which isn't too noticeable and doesn't really worry me. The build quality is good, certainly for my use anyway as I don't gig or anything it's just home use for me.

Sounds great through my Wharfedale Diamond Pro Active 8.1 speakers, in fact better than through my headphones which is unusual.

The touch screen is very clear and responsive, better than the one on my M3M and bigger. :o)

Anyway just a few initial thoughts, now need to start playing properly, I say that every new keyboard and still need to practice and actual do it.



Posted By: MFBlueFly

Re: Just got a Krome 88 (First Video up on youtube) - 01/19/13 04:22 PM

Just a Bump

Video added.

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