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Choosing a DP

Posted By: Demae Ramen

Choosing a DP - 01/01/13 04:29 PM

Hello Piano World

Haven't seen this being asked yet. I am an adult beginner looking to buy a DP for home practice and have narrowed down my choices to the PX730, PX735 and the PX150.

While surfing the forums, I've seen many good reviews on the PX150 and the improvement it brings over the last generation. Is the new action and sound of the PX150 worth paying more for compared to the PX730 or PX735?

Posted By: Charles Cohen

Re: Choosing a DP - 01/01/13 10:30 PM


A digital piano is, basically, a special-purposed computer with a keyboard and loudspeakers attached.

According to most reviewers, Casio has improved both the tones (the sampled piano, and its processing) and the keyboard, between the PX-130/PX-330 (old) and the PX-150/PX-350 (new). [There's a highly technical thread here that quantifies the differences.]

Processing power and memory just get cheaper, every year.

So the new ones _are_ better -- objectively -- than the old ones. Whether they're worth their extra cost -- that's a value judgement you have to make.

Posted By: Demae Ramen

Re: Choosing a DP - 01/02/13 01:04 PM

Thanks Charles. Decided to go with the PX150! Can't wait.
Posted By: Charles Cohen

Re: Choosing a DP - 01/02/13 04:32 PM

Since I just bought a PX-350, I applaud your wisdom. http://www.pianoworld.com/forum/images/icons/default/thumbs_up.gif

. Charles
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