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Better DPs greener grass

Posted By: justpin

Better DPs greener grass - 12/05/12 08:27 AM

In another thread I mentioned buying an acoustic... but this might be put on a back burner.

But right now I have a CDp200, the noisy keys annoy me but I'm told it can be opened up and shims put in place to silence it at least a little. But I have no idea how to do this.

But its been a brutally hard year of work and I thought I'd buy myself a new piano for my sins. I was initially thinking PX135 which because is discontinued since it sounds a lot nicer to my ears. Then maybe Ap220 or PX3.

But just how much of an improvement are these over my Casio? Touch and sound are important, I have only tried the 135 nobody has any of the others in stock.

Or is the difference pretty small and I'm just wasting my $$?

I'm a bit magpie... oh shiny and new..... and looking, granted I have in no way hit the limits of the CDP though and somebody like Lang Lang could make it sing sweetly. But of course I'm thinking greener grass....
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