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Do you own the Casio PX850?

Posted By: SkierDude

Do you own the Casio PX850? - 12/03/12 10:40 PM

It's the new kid on the block. There's a lot out there about many other pianos, but only a few things about this one (a detail on azpianonews and an 18-min youtube video).

Do you like it? How's the action? How stable/solid is the cabinet?

Posted By: gvfarns

Re: Do you own the Casio PX850? - 12/04/12 02:52 AM

It's new, so there's less accumulated information, but the PX150, PX350, and PX850 have been quite the hot topic on the forum lately. The action on these three is all the same, but it is a brand new action. There have been various opinions on them, but I think it's fair to say that the consensus is that it's a step up from the previous models.

Having said that, all these Casios are still lowish end pianos by forum standards. They compete very well with introductory models from the big three (Roland, Yamaha, Kawai). Maybe compare the Casio PX850 to the lower Yamaha arius models like the YDP161.

All these Casio models seem to have lots of impressive tech specs for the price, but we often find people preferring Yamahas on a subjective level. For example, I have seen several people prefer the low end Yamaha P105 to the Casio PX150. So tech specs aren't everything.
Posted By: Qbert

Re: Do you own the Casio PX850? - 12/04/12 01:49 PM

This is a comparison with a real Grand Piano!

Posted By: SkierDude

Re: Do you own the Casio PX850? - 12/04/12 08:24 PM

I'm at work, will listen more closely at home.

My initial question; however, is if I buy the Casio, will Natalia come play at my house?
Posted By: bluebilly

Re: Do you own the Casio PX850? - 12/04/12 11:09 PM

I don't own a PX-850 but got to play one last Friday and I must say they have come on leaps and bounds since the original PX-800. The major criticism I had with it's predecessors was the "wobbly black key" issue but they seem to have resolved that now. Comparing the PX-850 with other DPs at double it's price in the store I'd have to think of a really good excuse not to buy it at the £799 it was on sale for.
Posted By: duck21

Re: Do you own the Casio PX850? - 12/04/12 11:55 PM

I just bought a casio px 850 last week and am thoroughly enjoying it. I was deciding between a yamaha ydp 181 and the Casio px 850. I thought the action and sound were comparable between the two instruments. I ultimately went with the 850 due mainly to price.

If the cabinet is important to you, I think Yamaha has the edge. The ydp 181 also has a small lcd screen which makes adjusting features much easier. My px 850 did not come with a bench (the 181 did), so consider that in pricing as well.

If you are looking in the mid-range, I would definitely give the px 850 a look.
Posted By: Kawai James

Re: Do you own the Casio PX850? - 12/05/12 12:15 AM

Great video, thanks for posting Qbert!
Posted By: andersonvom

Re: Do you own the Casio PX850? - 12/05/12 09:48 PM

The video says it's actually a Casio AP-450.


Digital piano vs. acoustic concert grand!
Can the sound of brand the new digital pianos (http://www.casio-air.eu) keep up with an acoustic concert grand?

How good the new CASIO "AiR" Technology is really?
With his Celviano AP-450 CASIO takes the challenge!

Also, did anyone ever try the PX-850 and other DPs of similar price? Could you share your thoughts?
Posted By: PossumES8SP280

Re: Do you own the Casio PX850? - 12/05/12 10:49 PM

- I was in NYC but going again- Sam Ash didn't seem to have it , but I think GC does and I will let you know.

Now, SA still had the PX-830 which I really like in terms of the action, keys, and speakers but I ended up at the time getting the P95 and adding the stand and pedals.

However, in my opinion I think the stand/pedals are a little nicer on the Yamaha compared to the 830 (although the matte finish one which was 830BK) was nicer.

In my opinion, it will be a good product esepcially with the 20w speakers, but I am happy I stuck with the slabs as I had to return one of each.
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