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DP Scheduled Maintenance

Posted By: gTuv

DP Scheduled Maintenance - 11/15/12 03:23 PM

Are there any recommendations for scheduled/preventative maintenance for DP's? I've seen a lot of posts regarding resolving specific problems --sticky keys, humming/buzzing noises, etc.... But, nothing on preventing such problems. The DP, like any other mechanical device should need some maintenance. Nothing runs forever. Also, are there any comments about DP life expectancy? In particular, I'd like some comments regarding the Privia PX-850, which I'm thinking about buying.


Posted By: LesCharles73

Re: DP Scheduled Maintenance - 11/16/12 07:35 AM

The best thing you can do is to keep it covered when not in use, connect it to a good surge suppressor, etc. Other than that, "there are no user-serviceable parts inside", and if/when you begin having problems, take the instrument to an authorized service center.

Following these steps, you should be able to get a good decade out of your DP without any issues (or needing to have it serviced); and odds are you will be wanting to upgrade before mechanical issues arise. They don't need periodic maintenance per se -- just keep it clean and treat it with care when moving.
Posted By: Wuffski

Re: DP Scheduled Maintenance - 11/16/12 05:36 PM

My dealer told me exactly the same, when I asked him about the topic.
Posted By: BeccaBb

Re: DP Scheduled Maintenance - 11/16/12 05:39 PM

Yep I have a schedule: every day I uncover my dp. Then I dust it with a swifter duster. Then wash hands. After done practice cover up again..

Repeat every day. grin
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