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speakers for CP33

Posted By: piano_uno

speakers for CP33 - 11/09/12 04:30 PM


First and foremost, I've been following this forum for a few weeks since I discovered it last month, and I want to say this is a great forum, I've learned a lot of helpful stuffs from people here.

I'm a college student, so budget is very tight for me. I play an acoustic at school, but I can't afford one for home. I just recently bought a Yamaha CP33, which has been hooked up to my Sony HT speakers. This is perfect for harmonicas except for piano, it just doesn't sound accurate, it sounds like as if I'm playing some mp3 instead. I don't know much about speakers, it confuses me when I look at their spec sheets. But I've been doing a lot of research here on this forum, and I've narrowed down to a few vintage speakers. I was hoping someone could give me a recommendation for a pair that could produce the most accurate acoustic piano sound.

- a pair of 3 ways Fisher speakers
- a pair of Polk monitor 7
- a pair of Polk monitor 10
- a pair of A/D/S 2 ways

Also, which setup produces the most accurate sound, 3 ways floor standing speakers or a pair of bookshelf speakers, separate tweeters, and a sub woofer?

Thanks in advance!
Posted By: gvfarns

Re: speakers for CP33 - 11/09/12 05:08 PM

I've experienced quite a bit of annoyance in the search for a good set of speakers for my piano. I've tried a bunch (though none of the ones you mention) without every really finding a set that satisfies. I think part of the problem is the acoustics of the small room in which I keep my piano, which may be an issue for you as well. Speaker placement and room size/shape can have a pretty significant impact on the sound when the music is something that you are real particular about, like the sound of a piano you are playing.

Anyway, I can't be directly helpful in comparing those speakers, but I can tell you that my solution is to invest in a set of high quality headphones and use those almost exclusively. I use the speakers only to play for my kids and they are not very particular about sound quality.

When I was a college student I used a set of computer speakers. They were definitely nothing like optimal, but I was poor, and they were good compared to the alternative of no speakers at all.
Posted By: piano_uno

Re: speakers for CP33 - 11/09/12 08:26 PM

Hi gvfarns, thanks for your quick reply. I do have a set of trusty headphones that I use sometimes - Sennheiser HD280 Pro. I'm not sure if they are considered high quality, they do have some nice sound. But these headphones give me a horrible headache from its tight head band after like 20 min of wearing it. I had a pair of Sony before which gave me the same problem. So I guess I don't do well with headphones.

May I ask which speakers have you tried before?
Posted By: SkiPablo

Re: speakers for CP33 - 11/09/12 08:44 PM

if you in in the USA - you can take your piano to Guitar Center or simalar and they will let you hook your keyboard up to different sets of speakers and then you can get a good idea of what you like.
Posted By: gvfarns

Re: speakers for CP33 - 11/10/12 12:32 AM

I'm sure you can just record yourself playing it and take the CD.
Posted By: piano_uno

Re: speakers for CP33 - 11/10/12 05:40 AM

Thanks for your suggestion, but I apologise if I had misunderstood you, but doesn't GC only sell current and modern speakers? I'm not sure if I could afford anything new at the moment. I guess I could record myself and play it with those speakers. But I had hoped someone here with a successful setup could shed some light.

Thanks again.
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