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Is there a national or Mid-Western regional renter/leaser

Posted By: BillTheSlink

Is there a national or Mid-Western regional renter/leaser - 11/04/12 06:04 PM

This might sound like an off the wall question, but here goes.

Is there a nation chain, large store, or someone who services the entire Midwest who rents or leases digital pianos? I have found this service to be fairly common in cities throughout the country but can't find anyone in Cincinnati who does... I did find one store that rents acoustics and they did have nice prices, but size, weight, and my climate control setup makes this unfeasible. Besides this I would like something able to record multiple tracks and with quite a few voices. Something like the Kawai CN43 would be what I was looking for.

While this may be an off the wall question or seem unreasonable I just find it hard to believe there isn't a place that would rent digitalis in Cincinnati, a city with a population grater than that of the entire state of Vermont, while I found two places that did in Murfreesboro, TN. and one in my Family's hometown of Cooper Kentucky which is outside of Burnside, Kentucky and has a population of like 2,000 people. That just doesn't make any sense to me at all.

Posted By: BillTheSlink

Re: Is there a national or Mid-Western regional renter/leaser - 11/05/12 04:20 AM

Through some "inventive" Google search strings that took about two hours to go through I did find a place near our state capital of Columbus that does indeed rent digital pianos. The only one I know for sure he rents is the Casio PX-350 as there is a picture of that on the web page, but I have no idea what else he rents. I have checked all the reviews of the store online and he comes highly recommended, as you can rent for any length of time you like but the entire first years rent can be applied toward the purchase of any piano, digital or acoustic, that he sells and he sells for minimum advertised price. The only questions are will he rent to an out-of-towner and just what does he carry. We will find out tomorrow I guess when I call the guy. It's an hour and 45 min drive but at least it's all interstate.
Posted By: BillTheSlink

Re: Is there a national or Mid-Western regional renter/leaser - 11/05/12 06:02 PM

I spoke to the store today and the lease was a little higher than I though $59.00 per month with stand and stool for the Casio PX-350, but at the end of the year you can just pay the $92.00 left to buy it or use all the money you paid in on say something like the Casio AP-650 coming out. You needn't go there to get it either. He'll mail you the credit application and have the instrument shipped from Casio to you no charge (ground floor). If anyone is ever interested the place is http://columbuspianoleasing.com/
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