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Kawai CN34 Impressions...

Posted By: ChrisAlex

Kawai CN34 Impressions... - 10/04/12 07:08 PM

I'd like to hear impressions of the new Kawai CN34 from anyone of you all, who has already bought it, and is officialy Owner and eventually Kawai Piano player.

Thank you for viewing!
Posted By: jens4711

Re: Kawai CN34 Impressions... - 10/04/12 10:27 PM

I rented a CN33 for about 2 years, and liked it a lot. After the two years the
keys became a bit more loose, and shiny. One of the keys (G4) gave a little click,
depending on how it was hit, nothing big, but I noticed it. These things were
just small observations on how it changed after medium use during the two years.
Anyway I was happy enough with the CN33 all a along.

This spring I was finally looking buy a DP instead of renting it, and since I
was quite happy with Kawai, I considered different models, the CN33, the CN43,
and the CA63.

When I wanted to buy in the spring, my dealer suggested that I wait until
fall, because new models would released. So I waited, and when the new models
came out, I decided to go for the CN34, and last friday I got my new CN34 delivered.

These are my impressions after the first week. I did not check any of the
technical details, so I may be wrong on some of the observations:

It was as easy to assemble as the CN33. I managed to do it
myself, but would recommend that you are two people to lift the main keyboard
assembly in place, since it is quite heavy.

I was not able to test it side by side with the old CN33, because it was
returned back to the dealer with the same driver.

When I turned it on, the sound was noticeably different. It was placed in the
exact same place as the CN33, so it was not the environment. It seemed louder,
and more muffeled. Even when experimenting with reverb I could not make it
sound as crisp as I remember the CN33 (not that it was super crisp, anyway).
After a few days I was more adjusted to the new sound, and now I do not bother to
change the settings anymore, but if it bothered me more, it could probable be
changed and set via the new registrations (which I have not explored yet). When
using headphones I think it sounds more or less the same, although I think the
reverb setting is different.

The keys also feels different. They are still great, a bit more damped/firm or
maybe heavy. Maybe they do not travel as much down as the ones on the CN33. But
all in all they feel great.

It feels as if the music rest is placed a litle higher, but I am not sure about

The new display is great. It is nice to be able to change all settings and
sounds without having to resort to the manual.

All the new (GM2) sounds are quite good, and fun to experiment with, also the
drum patterns in the metronome are great, and makes it much more fun to play
with the metronome.

The recorder is also more capable, but I have not used it much yet.

All in all, the CN34 feels a bit different than the CN33. After a week I would
not be able to decide if it was worse or better. I guess change is to be
expected, and I am getting used to it. And I am very happy with instrument,
especially with the new features: display, drumpatterns and new sounds.
Posted By: sivy

Re: Kawai CN34 Impressions... - 10/05/12 09:49 AM

thanks for the review sorry to jump in here its just great someone has tired the cn34.

Can I ask if you have tried the cn43 which has a more powerful speaker system eg 4 speakers 100w total ? Im tempted with the cn34 but due to the cn43 being discontinued i can get one for a slightly cheaper price. The cn43 was top of the range in the cn series but im just wondering if the difference in feel outweighs the better speaker system of the cn43
you also noted the sound was different on the cn33 v cn34 ? could you say which one sounded more realistic to you or which one you preferred please .

if these differences are very slight then maybe its not worth worrying about too much as its easy to get dragged into features and spending more than is required , I have seen a good price on a ca 63 too which is supposed to be a big step up in regards to feel and sound ?

Posted By: jens4711

Re: Kawai CN34 Impressions... - 10/06/12 09:57 PM

I am sorry. I never did get to try the CN-43. I considered the CN-43 for its extra features (display, sounds,rhythm section), and not for the speakers. The speaker system in the CN-33, was adequate for me, so that was never an issue.

With regard to the sound on the CN-34, I can't really tell whether it is more realistic, since I do not have much experience with real acoustics. About once a week I play an old Yamaha upright at my piano lessons, and I also sometimes do hear CD piano recordings, and compared to that, I find the CN-33 and now also the CN-34 quite realistic.

I would not consider the CN-43 right now, mainly because the resale value in a few years will be much less than the CN-34 because it is discontinued. I more or less plan to replace my DP every few years.

I also considered the CA-63, and was very close to ordering it. I was very impressed with the keys on that one. It was a bit more expensive, and I also do like having a lot of sounds and features to play with, so therefore I chose the CN-34 instead.

Posted By: sivy

Re: Kawai CN34 Impressions... - 10/06/12 11:42 PM

thanks for the info much appreciated
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