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Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem

Posted By: isonomia

Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 09/01/12 06:25 AM


My keyboard (Yamaha P60) has a capping velocity, meaning that the max velocity read in Kontakt 5 is around 100, not 127.

So how can I "map" (or pair) the keyboard velocity outputs with Kontakt velocity readings like this:

keyboard velocity 30 = Kontakt velocity 38,
keyboard velocity 50 = Kontakt velocity 63,
keyboard velocity 80 = Kontakt velocity 101,
keyboard velocity 100=Kontakt velocity 127.

Do I need to write a script to map velocity?

Thanks a million!
Posted By: Pavel.K

Re: Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 09/01/12 08:17 AM

Hi isonomia,
I have no experience with Kontakt but I think you can increase max velocity to 127 in options:
[Linked Image]

Posted By: isonomia

Re: Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 09/01/12 08:26 AM

Dear Pavel,

Thank you for your reply! I just tried that setting, but it didn't solve the problem. It is still very hard to hit beyond 80, as shown the mapping editor:
[Linked Image]
Posted By: sullivang

Re: Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 09/01/12 08:54 AM

I'm running an old version (3.5), but there is a velocity curve script supplied - go to Script Editor | and then Preset | Factory | Performance and the script is "Change Velocity". You can even draw a freehand curve, but it's fiddly in that mode.

This is a local instrument velocity curve, and for those using the Player version of Kontakt, I'm not sure whether you can save an instrument with the custom velocity curve or not. Come to think of it, is the Script Editor even available in official N.I instruments? Somehow I doubt it.

Two other methods:
a) Run Kontakt in a VST host (such as Cantabile Lite, etc), and load a velocity curve plugin. (there are free ones out there - here's one: http://www.platinumears.com/velocitycurvesm.html ) I use Ableton Live Lite, and it actually came with a velocity curve plugin.

b) Run a utility that processes MIDI data, such as MIDI OX (Windows) or MIDI Pipe (Mac), if you don't want to use a VST host. I've never used either and I'm not sure how easy they are to use.

Naturally, you should make absolutely sure the Kontakt instrument you are using doesn't have it's own velocity curve function before you delve into all this - some do.

Posted By: MacMacMac

Re: Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 09/01/12 09:17 AM

I have a similar problem, with velocity peaking at 108 (and that requires hammer-hands ... I seldom get above 90).

I've never used Kontakt v3. I have v5. The velocity editor is on the instrument screen. It seems it's associated with the instrument, not with the Kontakt host. So ... which piano libraries are you using with Kontakt? Here's what I get with Galaxy Steinway (and it's the same when using Vintage D):

The main screen has a red velocity button (in the Anatomy section):
[Linked Image]

Clicking that takes me to the velocity screen:
[Linked Image]

To fix my problem, I adjust the curve to peak early (and I also tamp down the low end to make it easier to achieve pp).
Posted By: sullivang

Re: Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 09/01/12 09:32 AM

Yep - I have a Kontakt piano with it's own velocity curve editor too, even in V3.5. However, not all Kontakt instruments have a velocity curve editor in their user interface. Naturally, if the OP is using a piano that does have it's own velocity curve editor, that would be the obvious way to do it.

Posted By: Jean-Luc

Re: Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 09/01/12 10:48 AM

You could use http://www.trombettworks.com/velocity.php to customize your velocity curve but then you will also have to use http://www.nerds.de/en/loopbe1.html to create an internal midi loop (basically, Velocity Curve listen to your instrument and Kontakt listen to Velocity curve via the internal midi channel created by LoobBe1)
Posted By: sullivang

Re: Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 09/01/12 12:38 PM

I know we're waiting to see what instrument isonomia is using, but I've tried the free Kontakt Player now. I can in fact invoke the "Change Velocity" script when using one of the official N.I Factory Selection instruments. The script editor is invoked by clicking the script button (the "paper scroll" icon), and this button is outside the instrument window. (this is different to what I have in the full version of Kontakt 3.5) The menu path to the Change Velocity script is then: Preset | Factory | Transform | Change Velocity. TIP: When drawing freehand, right-click & drag draws a perfectly straight line.

I haven't read the manual yet, but the script appears to operate outside the instrument - I can close the instrument, and the script remains in the Kontakt window. The velocity curve script can be saved as a preset.

I haven't figured out how to automatically load a velocity curve script when Kontakt is opened or when an instrument is loaded. However, if Kontakt is run as a plugin in a VST host, the VST host can normally save the state of the instrument's settings, and this worked in Cantabile Lite - the custom velocity curve persisted when I re-started Cantabile and loaded the Cantabile configuration that I had saved.

Posted By: isonomia

Re: Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 09/02/12 03:24 AM

Dear All,

Thank you so very much for your help. The problem was just resolved by a coded given by EvilDragon in Native Instruments forum. The code is:

on midi_in
end if
end on

and I added it to the multi script editor. (This is the master header, rather that the one for each instrument) Its icon is circled by red :[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

Now the velocity can reach 127 in Kontakt!
[Linked Image]

Thank you all for your time!

PS: Thank you Macmacmac, but the velocity curve for each instrument is a different issue. My problem is concerning the MIDI input level, which is a lower level that has a global impact.
Posted By: sullivang

Re: Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 09/02/12 03:37 AM

That's very elegant! It's actually not very easy to create that simple re-scaling using the inbuilt velocity curve editor - it's really clunky.

Just btw, adjusting the velocity curve in each instrument is completely valid and does the same thing, but I agree that doing the change in one spot like that is easier, if that's all you want.

Posted By: isonomia

Re: Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 09/02/12 03:56 AM

Thank you Greg! I fully agree it's clunky to adjust velocity curve.

And I just learned from you that the velocity curve can do the same as the script. Thank you so much for your help!

Posted By: sullivang

Re: Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 09/02/12 05:19 AM

You're welcome!

Just btw, I've RTFM'd now - if the Kontakt configuration is saved as a "Multi", the velocity script will be saved as well, so that when that Multi is opened, everything is there. Doh. ;^) (so no need to use a VST host just to save all the settings)

Posted By: raikkU

Re: Kontakt 5 Velocity Mapping Problem - 06/14/13 12:22 PM

This is a very important thread for Yamaha owners. I've been wondering why the piano sounds incredibly muddy in Kontakt, but I wasn't able to pinpoint the problem to a cap in the velocity, until now. Thank you for the script.
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