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Roland's "My pleasure" demo song

Posted By: Pawl

Roland's "My pleasure" demo song - 03/15/11 12:30 AM

Hi everyone,
A friend of mine owns a Roland HP 307, which features a demo song called "My pleasure", which I really liked. I have done a little research and it appears to have been written by Masashi Hirashita specifically for Roland, so I guess it's not possible to find any sheet for this (besides, I'm really bad at playing by ear).

So my question is: for those who have an idea of the song I'm talking about, do you know any other songs that are similar, and for which I would be able to find some sheets (difficulty is not a problem)?
Also, what's the genre of this music called, so that I may conduct some research on my own?

Sorry for the silly questions anyway; all I know is that I found this song really nice and I'd like to play something like this. Thanks !

Posted By: Qbert

Re: Roland's "My pleasure" demo song - 03/15/11 10:38 AM

I remember one girl, on youtube, who advertized to be able to transpose music to score for about 80 USD.
Posted By: dannac

Re: Roland's "My pleasure" demo song - 03/15/11 12:46 PM

Girl from youtube that transcribes.

Posted By: ando

Re: Roland's "My pleasure" demo song - 03/15/11 03:32 PM

Just thinking outside the box for a minute: When you play this demo song, does the Roland send out MIDI OUT signals? If it did, you could hook it up to a computer notation program and press play and it would import all the notes. It might take some effort to get the tempo matched up and get everything aligned, but at least you would have the notes. If you couldn't get everything aligned properly, rhythmically, you could write it out by hand using the notes you see on your screen.

Failing that, do what us guitarists have always done - work it out yourself!
Posted By: Pawl

Re: Roland's "My pleasure" demo song - 03/15/11 05:14 PM


Thanks for the answers. I didn't want to appear lazy -- of course, if all else fails, I will do it the hard way. I'm bad at playing by ear, but it would be a nice exercise.

However, the thing is that I only have limited access to the piano, since it's not mine, and I can't find it on the internet. I will try to ask my friend to record the sound/MIDI signals for me, but in the meantime I'm checking if there are easier options available, as my work leave me little time to dedicate to the piano.

Besides, as I said, it doesn't have to be THIS song. I am just unable to find any similar song, since I don't know the name of this genre. Transcribing said demo song is not my main priority, I'm just asking people who know this song if they could give me some help (a song they know that could interest me, or just the name of the genre) so that I can look for similar music by myself.

Thanks for the help anyway!
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