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Zarenbourg by Waldorf

Posted By: heldermusic

Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 01/16/11 07:25 PM

Zarenbourg by Waldorf

[Linked Image]

Waldorf has been talking about this one for years (thought it might be vaporware). The model they brought to NAMM last year didn't play. However, this year they have a working unit on display.

Zarenbourg Video on Sonicstate.com

The specs on their website have been changing since 2007. But Stefan Stenzel appears to clarify some things. The action is going to be by Fatar, it's lighter because some metal parts have been replaced with "durable" plastic (we'll have to see what that means). I believe they are doing Rhodes and Wurlitzer with modeling. The CP80/70 and acoustic pianos are samples residing on a solid state drive. It looks like they have also included an FM/DX type piano which he says is "true FM" (not a sample or model). That feature set competes with the Yamaha CP1, Nord Piano, and Korg SV1.

I like the tactile knobs and buttons for sound switching and fx. The onboard audio system is a plus, as is the large top for laptop or second keyboard. Depending on cost, this could be one to watch.

If anyone would like to join in on this topic - maybe you're at the NAMM show right now, or you have some thoughts or opinions to add, or you've stumbled on more information/video/audio - please feel free to join in.


Posted By: Kawai James

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 01/16/11 09:33 PM

Looks terrific, and with samples stored on SSD it could be a very interesting product - nice find!

I assume the Mac is used to adjust settings not accessible via the panel controls, yes?

Posted By: heldermusic

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 01/16/11 09:54 PM

Hi, James. I can't find anything yet about a Mac or PC editor, or if we will be able to upload our own samples, or additional samples (as with the Nord). Would be a nice feature. From what I can see, they have worked out quite a bit using just the knobs and buttons. For example, adding FX. You turn the knob to the effect you want and press the button to activate it. A light appears next to that knob position. You can add a second (or third?) effect by turn the knob to that position and pressing the button again. Now both lights next to each knob position are active.

I like the interface on the Korg SV1. Simple layout of buttons and knobs for selection, tweaks, and recall. I think many would agree that burying parameters in a hierarchy and having to view your changes on a little green screen was never a very "musical" way of working with instruments.
Posted By: Melodialworks Music

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 01/17/11 01:40 AM

Man, that's one ugly keyboard!
Posted By: heldermusic

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 01/17/11 04:07 AM

Ha ha, at one point they were thinking of doing it in a union jack. Perhaps orange or green suits you better? smile

[Linked Image]

I figure it's a play on the way people paint their Fender Rhodes' with a sparkle top. Here are some examples of a Rhodes with custom paint job.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
Posted By: sullivang

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 01/17/11 05:57 AM

I love the look of the plain ones.

Posted By: Dr Popper

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 01/17/11 08:12 AM

Originally Posted by heldermusic
thought it might be vaporware

Until the ship a board it is still vaporware.

I've heard this board extensively and the "modeled" Rhodes and Wurli's don't quite sound right to my ear ....yet.

They still have a way to go with it IMHO.
Posted By: heldermusic

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 02/23/13 01:17 AM

Must be shipping....

Unboxing video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqMj_Ni9-CU

Demo at dealer in UK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19C-h_Y2wv0

Thorough review and sound examples:

Only US dealer I've stumbled on so far that is carrying it is B&H in NYC.

$4400 US. That's one pricey electric. Nord Stage 2 is $4200, and the Yamaha CP1 is $5000. I'm certain they took both of those into consideration when selecting their price point.

Anyone have one? Know a place in the greater NY area I could go to play it?
Posted By: Hideki Matsui

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 02/25/13 04:13 AM

Even though B&H lists it as shipping, the US distributor has told me that the Zarenbourg is not available and not yet released. I pointed out that there were reviews and they said that the product is still in prototype.
Posted By: Dr Popper

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 02/25/13 02:11 PM

Still vapourware it seems
Posted By: heldermusic

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 02/27/13 04:32 AM

Read a rumor the other day, can't confirm, that it's available in the EU, but not in the US because it hasn't been approved by FCC yet.

Posted By: Kawai James

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 02/27/13 05:27 AM

Do you have a source for that info please, helder?
Posted By: sullivang

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 02/27/13 10:56 AM

FWIW, someone in this Gearslutz thread reckons they heard directly from Waldorf that it failed FCC certification.

Posted By: Cmin

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 03/15/13 04:31 PM

It's been on sale for a while here in Germany.

Looks great, and heavy.

Zarenbourg in Thomann

Waldorf Site
Posted By: ElmerJFudd

Re: Zarenbourg by Waldorf - 03/01/15 02:24 PM

According to Sweetwater, the Zarenbourg will arrive in the US, spring 2015.

Arriving in the U.S. The Spring!
After a long wait, the Waldorf Zarenbourg will finally be making it's US debut later this year. If you are interested in reserving a Zarenbourg for yourself, please place your pre-order with us as early as possible - that way we'll be able to ship your order from Sweetwater's earliest possible shipment.

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