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Posted By: Edtek TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/24/10 08:43 PM
I liked the TP VI trial better than the other VI pianos I've bought or tried (Alicia's Keys(poor dynamic range), NI Vienna Grand(poor tone), PianoTek (good dynamic range but poor tone)but when the trial expired I thought I could live with one of the lesser VI pianos. Well, so much for that when I bought my Hamilton upright. The VIs were so fakey compared to it that I couldn't play them.

Then the TP sale came along (thanks for the tip Blueston!) and I went for it.

The surprise came when I loaded the new Atlantis module which I understand uses the new TP 2.0 technology (current TP is 1.9). This piano is just unbelieveable, the wide dynamic range that TP has always had but the tone is now so alive and real now (ok, still not like my acoustic but really playable at least).

I didn't see any demos of the Atlantis on the TP website. I hope they put some up. It's really a big big step up.

Posted By: blueston Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/25/10 12:12 AM
Glad you like it Ed. I am on the verge of getting it myself. I just downloaded the Demo to try it again (it was a year since I last checked them out). I didn't even realize they had 5 modules now until you said so. I can still only try the Diamond with the Demo but that one is pretty good, so it's great to hear someone thinks one of the other modules is even better! It's also good to hear your thoughts on where TP stands in comparison to some other VI's.

I always thought TP was nice and thick, with a nice sustain, and also really really like the clean performance and small footprint size. The only thing I don't like so much about the Diamond one is it seems just a tad muddy when you play something that needs a good voicing under the main melody. I haven't been able to bring out the bass quite like I want yet. But I haven't had time to try anything except the default touch settings.

Anyway, you may just have just helped convince me to get it. Merry Xmas!
Posted By: Othello Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/26/10 12:25 AM
Any words on true Sympathetic Resonance on this new module that was missing in previous models? In my opinion it was the biggest omission, along with a big bassy sound in previous installments.
Posted By: Edtek Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/26/10 05:02 AM
I hear a little pedal down symp res, about the same as before.

I tested for this by hitting and holding a C chord at C2 with the pedal down, and then releasing the pedal. There is a small change when I lift the pedal. I went back and forth between the amber and atlantis modules.

But doing this test, while not showing a lot of symp res, did reveal a tremendous difference in the tone of the new atlantis module compared to the old amber module. Totally much more going on in atlantis.

Posted By: Tonio Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/26/10 05:45 PM
I didn't even know about TP's...I grabbed the demo, and it's quite usable, but I've been comparing it to Ivory2 and haven't found that it can do better (for my taste). However, it's surprisingly good, and I think I could use it on some pieces.

Is the Atlantis module very different from Diamond? I've been messing around combining both ivory and tp, and coming up with some interesting tones. I am so spoiled by my "real" Yamaha U3....I've spent days tweaking the various parameters in Ivory, and sometimes I really like it, but, I haven't yet found the combination that gives me that same inspirational tone and resonance like the real thing.....it's getting closer, tho, but all the variables in settings kind of keeps my left brain too active for the optimum creating environment.
Posted By: Edtek Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/26/10 07:11 PM

Yes, I also thought the diamond was the only usable VI I'd tested (no trial version of Ivory so no idea how it compares). But I think the atlantis module is very different from the diamond. To my ears it is much closer to the real thing.

After I got my Hamilton and before I got TP the only dp of mine that I could play was my Yam PSR-S910 and only because it's my gig rig. Now my Celviano with TP in an old Mac Mini is playable again.

Don't get me wrong, it still won't replace my acoustic but at least now I have something very playable for late night practice sessions.

Posted By: M. Doege Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/26/10 07:25 PM
Could it be that TP v1.9 no longer supports OS X 10.4? They could really be a little more specific about the system requirements on their download page.


Date/Time: 2010-12-26 20:18:11.445 +0100
OS Version: 10.4.11 (Build 8S2167)
Report Version: 4

Command: TruePianos
Path: /Applications/TruePianos.app/Contents/MacOS/TruePianos
Parent: WindowServer [64]

Version: ??? (???)

PID: 4735
Thread: Unknown

Link (dyld) error:

Symbol not found: _kTISPropertyUnicodeKeyLayoutData
Referenced from: /Applications/TruePianos.app/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/QtGui.framework/Versions/4/QtGui
Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Carbon
Posted By: Edtek Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/26/10 11:28 PM
I don't know about 10.4. I just checked and my OS is 10.5.8.
Posted By: Tonio Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/27/10 02:18 AM
I've spent the day dialing in the Steinway on Ivory2, and it's growing on me quite nicely....all that being said, I would still love to hear the Atlantis TP. Really, the Diamond gets within about 80% of what I'm getting out of the Steinway. The Yamaha C7 is still too brash, although I would like a crisper overall timbre, but I can't seem to control the dynamics with it. It's very easy to hit the higher velocities and cause an unnatural blast of a note.

Anyway, the Atlantis has my interest peaked...if you hear of any samples or demos of it, let me know. Does the full version simply replace the 40 day demo, or do you have to uninstall it?
Posted By: M. Doege Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/27/10 02:20 AM
Ed, at least reverting to the older version of TP seems to have worked, so that botched upgrade did not break my TP installation. I'm not entirely surprised they've dropped support for 10.4, but they might have announced this more clearly. Then again Pianoteq still runs fine on 10.4.

Perhaps you could make a recording of that Roland MIDI file with Atlantis for this thread? I'd like to hear if Atlantis is really that much better than Diamond.

Posted By: Kawai James Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/27/10 02:59 AM
Martin, did you contact the developers of TP to confirm the Tiger incompatibility? It might simply be a bug which they were unable to test for (10.4 is relatively old...).

Posted By: Edtek Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/27/10 07:12 AM
Oh my, what have I got myself into :-)

1. About installation: I just double clicked on the zip file and answered the dialogs. My trial copy of TP had expired but I didn't remove it or do anything at all, mainly because I don't know how. I guess it installed over the trial copy or maybe made a new installation some place else, where I wouldn't know. After it installed I clicked on the 4 in the bar at the bottom of the screen and I got TruePianos.

Please note that I just bought the mac mini to play VI pianos based on ChrisA's advice that the mac is the most trouble free way to play VIs (after struggling mightyly with my PCs) and he was certainly right (thank you ChrisA!). I really know almost nothing about macs. I just have the programs that came with it (I think just iLife) and I don't use any of them. I just run VI pianos in standalone mode.

All my experience is with PC's (including design and test the ROM for Compaq) and VAXen (design and test disk drives for DEC.) (Before that I designed old tube tv sets for RCA. Had to go back to school at 43 to get my MSEE so I'd know how to do the new SS stuff :-)

2. About demos: I look askance on demos and reviews (including mine :-) I read rave reviews about Alicia's Keys and the demos sounded great so I bought it.

As soon as I played it I noticed dead notes and limited dynamic range. And it wasn't just on my setup. Check out Dewster's DPBSD test of AK. It shows AK has a dynamic range of only 32db compared to 59db for TruePianos. And at about 5:08 in the mp3 you can clearly hear the dead bass notes. I think the dead notes are even more noticeable on my Celviano/mac/Logitech Z2300 setup. If you play up the scale all of a sudden you get notes that just clunk.

Another PW fellow told me of a similiar experience with a different VI that he bought based on reviews and demos. Maybe he will share that experience with us (hint hint Blueston:-)

Unfortunately I wasn't aware of the DPBSD test before I bought AK.

And listening to the demos on the site mentioned using the Roland midi doesn't do much for me, they all sound fine (at least the wma and wav files, the m4a files wouldn't play in my player (WinAmp). In fact, every demo I've heard sounds terrific :-) I've found one has to play the VI to really tell if it suits you or not (but Dewster's DPBSD tests do help a lot).

All my opinions then are based on the VI pianos I've actually used: 3 VIs I've bought (NI Vienna Grand, Alicia's Keys, and TP) and the 2 trial VIs (TP and PianoTeq).

3. Anyway I would be happy to record the midi using TP Atlantis but I don't have a clue about how to do it. I did put the midi on the mac but when I click on it the QuickTime player plays it. I don't how to get TP to play it. Any help?

Also if I do get the midi to play through TP, how would I record it? The only way I would know how is to run a long cord over to my PC from speaker out on the mac to line in on the PC. Is there a way to record it on the mac?

OK, end of lenghty post.


Posted By: M. Doege Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/27/10 11:39 AM
Well, congratulations to your new Mac, Ed! Compared to Windows, I think you will find OS X and its apps a far more pleasant experience.

To use a VST instrument, you have a to launch a VST host application first, e.g. Apple Logic. I like to use *MULAB* because it's free. Open a new session, import the MIDI file into the first track, then assign the Truepianos VSTi to rack A (the box at the bottom of the screen). It's supposed to look *like this*, except I'm using the PT VSTi here because my TP VSTi is still broken from the update. Then either hit play to listen to the composition or use FILE->MIXDOWN AUDIO to save it to a WAV file.

I agree that playing yourself is much better for evaluation than an audio demo, but I like the Roland MIDI file. All those demos with it sound good in their own ways, but you still notice differences, e.g. in the handling of slower or faster passages.

Those M4A files should play in Quicktime Player or iTunes. But they also work for me in VLC player (v0.9.10).

Posted By: Edtek Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/28/10 01:39 AM
Ok, I DL'd muLab and have now locked up my mac 4 times trying to either import the midi or put TP in a rack. I don't want to be sucked into a black hole of computer time sink when I just got the thing to be able to play piano. So I'll pass on the recorder thing.

Frustratedly yours, Ed
Posted By: M. Doege Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/28/10 01:21 PM
I'm sorry if it doesn't work for you, Ed. Still it was worth a try I guess.

So TP 1.9 runs on 10.5 and MULAB doesn't, while MULAB runs on 10.4 but TP 1.9 doesn't. Bummer. OS X is looking more and more like Windows every day. smile

Posted By: Edtek Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/28/10 04:19 PM
Here's a link to a You Tube demo of Atlantis:
Posted By: nitekatt2008z Re: TruePianos Atlantis Module - 12/29/10 01:27 AM
I have been following TruePIanos versions and using the demos. I just downloaded the latest TP Diamond demo and open it up in GarageBand. It has a variety of different sounding pianos such as Jazz, Warm, Bright, Foggy, etc. And there is a reverb control nd a few other ways to twaek the sound. What impresses me most of all about TruePianos, despite the good sound replication, is the software doesn't take much HD space, require a ton of RAM or put too much strain on the 2.2 Ghz Intel core 2 Duo CPU inside my older MacBook.

What I would like to see in the near future is a version of TruePianos that might be able to run on an iPhone, iPod Touch or the next generation of the iPads to be coming out soon. I like to avoid, if possible taking my laptop to live gigs to run GarageBand and usually just take my Casio Privia PX-200 or Korg M50 88. I do have backing tracks on the iPod Touch which I can run through the mixer via iTunes and they work fine. If we could just get VI acoustic piano software programs that could run through the iPhone/iPad devices, that would really be convenient.

But I am confident that we will possible be able to run VI software on these devices sooner than we think.

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