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Software for connecting keyboard to PC

Posted By: pianoMik

Software for connecting keyboard to PC - 12/05/10 04:12 AM

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the forums, and from what I've seen, this place looks very helpful.

I just got a new Casio WK-200 keyboard and it's great. I want to connect it to my computer so that I can transfer MIDI files to it. I read online that in order to do this, I need software such as Cubase or Acid. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of money to spend on this, so I was wondering if someone could recommend a good freeware software that can interface with the keyboard.

Also, is there a freeware software that can take a MIDI file and edit or create sheet music from it? Again, I know that Sibelious software can do this, but I don't have the funds to pay for it at the moment.

Thanks in advance,
- Mike
Posted By: phoebus

Re: Software for connecting keyboard to PC - 12/05/10 12:44 PM

Dear Mike,

what you probably need is software with midi sequencing and/or notation capabilities.


There is plenty of cheap or free software out there so you should experiment with some programs and choose what best fits your needs. Just some suggestions from personal experience:
  • REAPER: commercial ($40 discounted) DAW. You can: "Download the full, uncrippled, unexpiring evaluation version of REAPER...". Audio and midi recording, editing and much more... (no score editing).
  • Rosegarden: good open source MIDI sequencer and score editor but only for Linux.
  • Musescore: free cross-platform music notation program.
  • (Sonar/Cakewalk: If I can remember well, there must be a cheap "Home" version supporting both midi and notation)

... and much more ...
Posted By: TheodorN

Re: Software for connecting keyboard to PC - 12/05/10 01:49 PM

What do you want to do with the MIDI files on the keyboard? Play them? If that's what you'll do, Synthesia is a good choice. It's a very graphical user interfaced keyboard program. Shows a keyboard and notes as falling bars and you just play the keys according to what you see coming down on the screen. It's free but you can buy an unlock key for a learning pack, then the program waits for you to press the right keys (stops until you do) and shows the sheet music.

MIDI to notation programs are of great variety. The free Musescore is fine, I use Notation Composer (not free.) I took advantage of their offer, 43 or 44 dollars, but unfortunately they've raised their price to $52,97. I think Composer is better than Musescore, easier to work with and better graphical user interface. Then there is Anvil Studio.
Posted By: pianoMik

Re: Software for connecting keyboard to PC - 12/05/10 04:30 PM


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

My goal is to get MIDI files of my favorite songs online, convert them to music score and print them out. I also want to take the MIDI files and transfer them to the keyboard. My keyboard has a nice display that shows which notes are played and which keys are pressed. I was hoping to play the MIDI files on the keyboard and to get the display to show which keys to play. Together with the score, this will enable me to learn the pieces.

I will check out the different programs and post my opinions on them. Maybe this will help other people with the same questions in the future.

Posted By: TheodorN

Re: Software for connecting keyboard to PC - 12/05/10 04:44 PM

I know Synthesia can play MIDI files on most keyboards, but I don't think it shows the notes on the keyboard's display. It works with two lighted keyboards, Yamaha EZ200 and Casio LK-something, the keys played or to be played light up. If you have MIDI In AND Out cable.

Have you looked at the manual for the WK-200, if there are any instructions for transferring MIDI files to the keyboards's inner memory and letting them make use of the display or the learning pack included?
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