Kawai CA63

Posted by: Sub

Kawai CA63 - 10/18/10 06:06 PM

Well, I have finally decided to go with the Kawai CA63 (after a lot of comparing against the Roland HP305 and the Yamaha CLP308).

Now to my question: the price I have been quoted by my local dealer is $2897 + $100 for delivery + Sales Tax.
Total would come to: $3236.
Does this seem to be a fair price?

Thank you for the help,
Posted by: AldoEsplay

Re: Kawai CA63 - 10/18/10 07:02 PM

Not a bad deal, but not great. I'd ask them to throw in the delivery and set up for free though.
Posted by: theJourney

Re: Kawai CA63 - 10/19/10 03:33 AM

Or alternatively make out the invoice to your out of state sister and waive the sales tax.
Posted by: egallego

Re: Kawai CA63 - 10/19/10 04:47 AM

For reference, in Spain I'm currently stuck at 2000€ for the same piano (with transportation plus a seat), and if I spent more time I'll probably could get it for 100€ less.
Posted by: CoogerTown

Re: Kawai CA63 - 10/19/10 05:25 PM

If it helps you a little bit...I got 2900 out the door!
Posted by: MacMacMac

Re: Kawai CA63 - 10/19/10 05:46 PM

Originally Posted By: Sub
The price I have been quoted by my local dealer is $2897 ...
I wouldn't pay the dealer's asking price. He'll surely entertain a lower offer.

The prices-paid thread lists two sales in the US:
$2300 in Wisconsin (including tax)
$2500 in California

As you can see, your dealer's asking price is way too high.