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Posted By: cavalier_lover Hamilton Piano - 09/23/21 01:00 AM
Hi! I’ve been looking for a piano for over a year, as my old one will not hold tune anymore. In the past, I posted about my struggle with finding the piano that I wanted within my budget. Finally, I was able to find a Hamilton by Baldwin. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for (I play as a hobby and wasn’t looking for a professional piano)! The original owner bought it brand new and I am the second owner. Sadly, the previous owner passed away, but her family wanted to find someone who would play and enjoy it. I know it’s not a professional piano or anything and I’m nowhere close to the level as many other piano players on this form, but I’m so excited to start playing again and learn new songs on it.
Posted By: SuzyUpright Re: Hamilton Piano - 09/23/21 08:09 AM
That's awesome congratulations. The amount of happiness and pleasure a new or new-to-you piano gives has nothing to do with your level of playing or how fancy the piano.
Wishing you many happy hours on your Hamilton smile
Posted By: Sgisela Re: Hamilton Piano - 09/23/21 10:34 AM
Congratulations! It sounds like the search has been long, but you got a great piano! Enjoy it!
Posted By: dogperson Re: Hamilton Piano - 09/23/21 10:55 AM
Wonderful! I’m so glad you found a piano that you are excited to play! I hope the Hamilton gives you many years of enjoyment; isn’t that what playing the piano is about?
Posted By: tre corda Re: Hamilton Piano - 09/25/21 05:11 AM
Congratulations! Can you post a few pictures?
Posted By: tend to rush Re: Hamilton Piano - 09/27/21 06:17 PM
I'd hardly say a Hamilton wasn't a professional piano. Not a concert instrument, no, but in use in teaching studios and plenty of professional's homes.
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