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Posted By: Sila Shaman Haessler 186 - arrived yesterday - 04/12/19 03:28 PM

Posting for the first time. I have been on a new piano search for the last few months and the forums have been very helpful. Thank you for having this lively community one can learn from and honestly get lost in.

After my long lasting companionship with a less than ideal Aeolian Mason Hamlin B for the last 18 years, I have finally decided it was time for an amicable breakup. After playing many, many, many new and rebuilt pianos in NYC and nearby area showrooms/builders, and having narrowed it down to two options within my budget - a freshly and beautifully rebuilt Steinway A2 from 1908 (by Cantabile Pianos in Yonkers) and a new Haessler 186 (by Bluthner) with a lush warm tone which at the end won out for me by a narrow margin (the action just worked better for me). One of the things that made it hard for me to decide was that even though I really loved the Haessler from my first try, it is not a well known entity like Steinway so it was hard to find a lot about it other than my personal experience of playing it in multiple trial sessions and knowledge of quality of pianos built in the Bluthner factory. Therefore I wanted share it here from day one in case my experiences with it might help others here. It will take me a while to explore this beautiful piano's tone and action fully. It has to settle in its new home as it was only delivered yesterday. For now here is picture of my new Lady H.

Have a great day!

[Linked Image]

PS. If anyone is looking for a wonderful rebuilt A2, I wholeheartedly recommend the one at Cantabile if it is still there, it is an amazing piano.
Posted By: Lady Bird Re: Haessler 186 - arrived yesterday - 04/13/19 01:02 AM
Beautiful piano ! Enjoy !
Posted By: jarobi Re: Haessler 186 - arrived yesterday - 04/13/19 01:11 AM
Posted By: Sila Shaman Re: Haessler 186 - arrived yesterday - 04/13/19 03:20 AM
Thank you! After the lack of dynamic range I had with the M&H for years, currently I seem to be playing everything p-pp just to relish in full control of dynamics.
Posted By: NobleHouse Re: Haessler 186 - arrived yesterday - 04/14/19 07:41 PM
Congratulations and continue to enjoy your new piano!
Posted By: GC13 Re: Haessler 186 - arrived yesterday - 04/14/19 10:04 PM
Congratulations on your new piano! Enjoy!!
Posted By: Sila Shaman Re: Haessler 186 - arrived yesterday - 04/14/19 10:30 PM
Thank you all!
I am considering a felt string cover asap, NYC can be so dusty and the piano is somewhat proximate to an open kitchen area. I think I will order the felt and do it myself. Any suggestions on what is best to use for the edges to fasten it? May be I should posit this question on the main forum? Thanks!
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