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piano in a flood

Posted By: Greg Seagraves

piano in a flood - 10/13/09 01:10 AM

We have had heavy flooding in Atlanta due to a bibical proprtion of rainfall. A lady called me about her water damaged grand piano. It had been covered in water for for some time and she was wanting to know it it were repairable..I told her to continue uesing it as a boat anchor because of damage that may show up few years after any work was done. Am I wrong?
Let me ad that the piano was sitting in her living room and completely submerged in water.
Posted By: Larry Buck

Re: piano in a flood - 10/13/09 11:51 AM


Was the piano a Kranich and Bach?

BTW, I agree. The piano is a total loss when "completely" submerged.

Just curious, why are you posting this question in "Mechanical Musical Instruments"?
Posted By: Greg Seagraves

Re: piano in a flood - 10/14/09 10:31 PM

oppps! Sorry for posting in the wrong place and I don't remember the name of the piano. When I heard that it had been submerged I pretty much quit litening at that point lol.
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