Posted by: wolfman

Opus7 - 09/10/04 04:43 PM

Hi. I'm new to the forum, so... Hello!

Has anyone seen the Opus7 system in action? This is the next generation PianoDisc, which is wireless and can be controlled by your computer.

Posted by: Dans Piano Service

Re: Opus7 - 10/04/04 08:13 PM

I have actualy installed this system. You are actually controling the piano with a hand held wireless remote keypad. It is connected to the internet so you can download the music right to the piano. Its prety cool.
Posted by: William Cummings

Re: Opus7 - 11/24/04 09:19 AM

Does the Opus7 play the piano with more expression, etc. than say the 228cfx?
Posted by: Rich Galassini

Re: Opus7 - 11/25/04 05:05 AM

No William - but it does give you lots of bells and whistles!
Posted by: William Cummings

Re: Opus7 - 11/26/04 07:57 PM

Thank you for your reply Rich.

What specifically are the bells and whistles and what is its price differential with the 228cfx.