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Electra Chord

Posted By: Bito

Electra Chord - 10/02/06 11:13 PM

Here we go...

I've got 10 boxes of stuff and I need to know a little about the stuff.

The Boxes Say:

Electra Chord

Model A 1116 Solenoid Unit
Part No SA-100-331-X727

Wood & Brooks Company
Ontario Street and West Kenmore Ave
Buffalo 7, New York


Shipping address:
The Baldwin Piano Company
1801 Gilbert Avenue
Cincinnati 2, Ohio

There is a photo on the box of a white control with 12 buttons. The control is affixed to a keyboard. Each button has a 2-3 letter label.

Inside the box:
A heavy, heavy unit with 24 solenoids on it. There are two plastic connectors for 12 Solenoids each.

It says 7.5 amps,220 volts on the plastic connector.

Any information?
Posted By: Tom Tuner

Re: Electra Chord - 11/19/06 03:00 PM

Years back I remember seeing this in an old copy of PTJ or Tuners Journal, maybe from late 1950's or early 1960's, in a Wood & Brooks adv't. Since W&B made piano keyboards and actions, woodworking not electronics, I doubt they actually manufactured this inhouse. I'll see if I can dig out anything out of the files, such as they are.

Posted By: Tom Tuner

Re: Electra Chord - 11/23/06 09:38 PM

See my note misdirected to the previous topic for some slight information on Electra-Chord.

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